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Mar 11

The Amazing Race China Rush is coming!

I am not sure if you heard yet, but the new season of The Amazing Race China Rush is right around the corner, and we are currently in the process of selecting new contestants.  Unlike The Amazing Race Asia where teams must be residing in Asia or US The Amazing Race where you have to be American, The Amazing Race China Rush welcomes ALL applicants from around the world!

So if you think you’ve got what it takes and you’ve got a friend willing to come along for this unforgettable adventure, then you should definitely go to  http://t.sina.com.cn/chinarush and http://www.chinarush.cn for more information!

Good luck and I’ll hope to see you at the start line soon!продвижение

Mar 11

Santana in Singapore

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Carlos Santana’s concert in Singapore at the Indoor Stadium.  After grabbing at quick bite at Burger King (which is exponentially inferior to Carl’s Jr BTW), we headed into the stadium for the performance to begin.  Quite honestly, I have never really heard that much music from this legendary musician so I was excited to see–and hear–it all.

After we found our seats, my friend Jimmy T gestured to us that he recognized the man sitting directly in front of him.  Does he look familiar?

The next thing I notice is Jimmy is swapping business cards with him.  What does this guy do?

Soon, we discovered that this man is none other than Steve Gary “Woz” Wozniak, one of the founds of that tiny little fruit company you might have heard on occasion called Apple Computers!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Wozniak

“The Woz” is a good friend of Carlos Santana and also happened to be in Singapore to give a speech.  Before we could dive into the finer points on how he got started in the computer biz, Mr. Santana took the stage…

…and with his guitar strumming and fingers blazing, he entertained everyone attendance.

Just when we thought the show couldn’t get any better, Carlos Santana’s wife Cindy Blackman took to the stage and blasted through a 15 minute solo set on the drums!

Even Li Lin was impressed with her artistic display and pure raw talent and skill!

Carlos and Cindy certainly epitomize the “Power Music Couple!”

Thanks for a great show and a fantastic evening, Mr. Santana!  We can’t wait for you to return to Singapore once again soon!

Also, thanks to my boy Jimmy T for hooking up for tickets to this most memorable experience.  My ears are still ringin from last night’s fun!