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Jul 11

2011 Miss Universe China

Category: Work Blogs


What a weekend!  I just got back from a trip to Beijing to host the 2011 Miss Universe China beauty pageant, and it was a thrilling experience.  I was planning on sharing this experience tomorrow.  But since I can’t seem to fall asleep due to excessive inactivity (and rest) on the return flight, I figure I might as well post up a blog now.

Originally, this production was set to air live last night at 8 PM on Guang Xi satellite TV.  However, I learned that certain parameters weren’t secured in time so this show will be telecast at a later date.  If you happened to be in China and tuned into Guang Xi satellite TV last night, then I apologize for you wondering what happened to the show.  I only learned about it later that evening.

In the meantime, this entire experience definitely possessed a major learning curve for me because it was my first “live” telecast in Mandarin…even though we ended up not airing it live.  Hope that still makes sense.  Through the course of the weekend, I went over my lines over and over again, and they still weren’t easy to remember because I just haven’t been using Mandarin enough in everyday speech.  This will all change soon once I decide to spend even more time in China.

With the show about to start in less than five minutes, I think you can see the stress written all over  my face…or is it merely the fact that my hair is not done yet?

Even though I’ve used Mandarin throughout my career in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, I must confess that I’ve been slacking the last five years with The Amazing Race Asia.  One of the primary reasons I even decided to move out to Asia many years ago was to improve my Mandarin.  Last night was a big reminder for me to get back on the ball, especially with a huge area (and entire nation) to literally hear my progress…

Before I could go over my lines for the hundredth time, the show soon began with a big opening dance number with all thirty-two contestants…

…and then it’s S H O W T I M E !

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work with my old acquaintance and truly professional cohost Angela Chow.  I’ve known her since my MTV VJ days when she worked for that “other” music channel identified only by a letter “V.”  She’s gone on to do some huge projects in China so I learned a lot from her about doing these big live events in the China market.

As if all the fans, lights, cameras, and Mandarin weren’t enough of a distraction, the contestants soon all entered the stage wearing virtually nothing for the swimsuit competition!

The night’s event was filled with its fair share of eye candy from 2007 Miss Universe Riyo Mori from Japan and also Supermodel Petra Nemcova…

But even with all these visual distractions, I knew I had to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize the same way the cameraman made sure his lens was shooting the ladies on stage…

The one good thing about live broadcasts is that we don’t reshoot anything so everything moves forward at a fluid pace and we were ready to find out who’s moving on in the competition.

Now, I was all planning to reveal the winner of the show here.  But since this program hasn’t “officially” aired all over China yet, I’d better hold back a little bit and first share this shot of me wondering which contestant I think is going to be crowned the 2011 Miss Universe China!

Even though this job was “easy” on the eyes, I must confess all that Mandarin threw me a major curveball.  However, I think it all turned out pretty well in the end, and I am most grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate to the China market that I can do an event of this scale in Chinese.

People always ask me what’s the best way to learn a language such as Chinese, and I reply, “It’s when you are forced to use it.”  Next up…I’ll be getting set to do the post production audio work for The Amazing Race China Rush in both English AND Mandarin so it’s time to “force” myself to improve once again!

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll be posting up the rest of the winning 2011 Miss Universe China pictures soon!раскрутка

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