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Dec 10

Board in the Snow

I just returned from a fun time with the family in Niseko, Japan, for some serious snow sports.  Fortunately, we arrived just as the snow started to fall because I heard hardly anyone got to ski much earlier this month in December.  Actually, this is really rare for Niseko because it is supposed to historically get tons of snow by this time.  Weird.  Something must really be going on with our planet because both North America and Europe have already received large amounts of powder, which is very unusual.  Even though the ski resort did have snow everywhere you looked, it just didn’t have enough at the beginning of our trip to open up many of the runs.

To get the kids warmed up to the idea of chilling out in the snow, we got them all prepped on a plastic sled to the night before their first day of ski lessons…

…and this was already enough to put smiles on their little faces.

Luckily for us, the entire place just started to dump snow on the night of our arrival…

…and before you knew it, some of the lifts were opening up for operation even though visibility wasn’t great from the wind and snowfall.

Li Lin really enjoyed getting back on skis, especially in these fresh powder conditions…

…but I will always stick to my trusty old snowboard.  In fact, I used to snowboard a lot when I was a lot younger.  And during one of my excursions to the snowboard park, I completely shattered my wrist and had to get it surgically repaired.  After the operation, I had these three huge nails protruding out of my wrist to keep the area immobilized.  It was seriously one hairy situation…and not something I hope to revisit ever again.

Of course, I believe that riding a snowboard is like riding a bike.  Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, then it isn’t too difficult.  However, I let my confidence get the best of me when I attempted to videotape our friend coming down a run here…

Fortunately, nothing happened to me on that fall although I did mess up my shoulder on an earlier fall that trip.  I don’t enjoy falling and getting hurt as much as the next guy (or gal).  But then again…if you ain’t falling, you definitely ain’t getting any better.  So that’s my excuse for pretty much wiping out everywhere down that mountain after not having boarded for over six or seven years.

Regardless, it was still too much fun and I hope to get back up to the snow before it all melts away this season.  But before that, I’ll settle with my shoulder healing so I can lift my arm up past my waist!

Have a Merry Christmas!topodin.com

Dec 10

Will You Marry Me?

As promised, here is the video of Richard Hardin proposing to his girlfriend last night at The Amazing Race Asia Season Four Finale Party!

Congratulations to Richard and Andrea…and I apologize for that goofy-looking guy in the background too!  создание раскрутка сайта

Dec 10

And the Winner of TARA4 is…

Last night, we finally got to see the highly-anticipated finale episode to The Amazing Race Asia Season Four.  To really get into celebration mode, AXN organized a finale party at the Sky Roof of the one and only Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.  Although it has been raining pretty much everyday here, we were blessed with great dry weather high in the sky.  I think even the “Powers that be from Above” wanted to know who won this exciting season of TARA.

After I gave a quick welcome speech to all of our guests, it was time for Jack Lim from AXN to thank all of our sponsors for the show…

And once we presented all the Pit Stop prizes to each of the teams that arrived first, it was finally time to watch this pulse-pounding episode!

CCongratulations to the Richards for winning The Amazing Race Asia!  Ricky Ow from AXN and Michael McKay from ActiveTV were invited on stage to present the coveted prize of $100,000 USD…

And after that, it was time to invite all ten teams on stage for some quick pix before the party really gets started…

But wait just a minute…just when you thought you had seen everything “Amazing” for the evening, Richard Hardin proposed to his girlfriend completely out of nowhere and surprised not only her but everyone that night!

Congratulations, Richard and Andrea!  I have a video of the proposal so I will try to share that with all of you soon too.

With the night’s formalities out of the way, it was now time to finally relax and enjoy catching up with all of the teams.  Dom Lau from E! News was also present to catch all of the action for his show…

Thank you all once again for watching The Amazing Race Asia.  And like I have said before, none of this would have ever been possible without all of your love and support.  It certainly has been one “Ride of a Lifetime,” and I KNOW all of us thoroughly enjoyed this fourth season.

I suppose the only question left to ask now is…

“Are you ready for TARA5?”  

…Because I sure am!@$#%aracer.mobi

Dec 10

Barrels of Fun!

There’s only a few days left before the finale of The Amazing Race Asia!  Are you excited?  I can’t wait to announce who the winner will be for this pulse-pounding fourth season finale.  As if the race wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, I went to try out the big barrel at Wavehouse Sentosa this past weekend.  I’ve always been on the smaller and tamer Flow Rider so I didn’t know what to expect.

Well, after getting pounded repeatedly with each successive wipeout, I finally started to understand the “motion of the (manmade) ocean”…and had waves of fun!

While some rides saw some improvement over the previous runs…

…I would occasionally wipe out quickly and get washed through the tube which swirls its victims around like a giant toilet bowl!

I don’t know how many times I must have fallen that day, but my daughter Sage couldn’t bear watching me “getting hurt” anymore and pleaded with me to stop.

And like any old Dawg that doesn’t learn new tricks, I of course continued a while longer.

Today, I am certainly paying the price with a body that is bruised and battered.  But that doesn’t really matter because I had one helluva fun day!

And if you have seen the newest trailer for the finale episode of TARA4, then I have a hunch you know what the teams might be doing too, huh?  ;-Pкомплексная раскрутка сайтов

Dec 10

Marina Bay Sands TVC

Here’s the new Marina Bay Sands TVC I just completed…

Hope you enjoyed that!раскрутка