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Oct 10

Wipeout Fun at the Wavehouse!

Yesterday, we went down to Wavehouse at Sentosa for some more wild and wet fun. It also happened to be the International Flow Championships so we had the privilege of watching the very best in this sport demonstrate to all of us mere mortals how you really ride these cool man-made waves.

Normally, I just take pictures of the day. However, I felt that videos might do a better job in justifying all the “wipeout” fun we had so let’s start by showing Li Lin demonstrating to the kids how to ride the bodyboard.

Once everyone had a turn on the bodyboard to get warmed up, it was time to give the Floboard a try.  And when you first learn to ride the Floboard, you’d better be prepared to “pay your dues.”

Li Lin was a great sport about it, and she was really close to riding these waves by the end of the session.  I’ve been on the Floboard a few more times so I worked on getting some “deeper carves.”

Of course, if you really get into this flowriding experience, then maybe one day we will all have the opportunity to see you tear it up on the “big barrel” machine like this pro that day!

Totally Awesome, huh?  Now, does this look like something you’d wanna try?  ;-P

Finally, a Huge Shout Out and Thank You to Terry and his staff for a rip roarin fun time once again!  You totally Rock!


Oct 10

Rushing to the Finale

It has definitely been one interesting week for me.  After having quite a few items involuntarily taken from me last weekend, I finally got my new computer up and running.  Fortunately, no one was home during the break-in, and all of the items stolen can be replaced.  On the other hand, I have realized in this short period that even though some of these items might hold a big price tag, they are nothing of substantial value in the whole scheme of things.  Sure, I will probably take the necessary steps to replace some of the items, but there is certainly something quite liberating to know that I can part with these material goods.  As long as all my loved ones are healthy, there’s nothing more that I can ask for.

Now, with that out of the way, I just realized that The Amazing Race China Rush will soon come to an end.  In fact, the final episode will air tonight on Channel ICS in Shanghai before it airs globally on CCTV.   People always ask me what are the differences between this race and TARA?  For starters, we only raced within China although the contestants are from around the world.  On the other hand, TARA races around the world while the teams come out of Asia.

And even though we conducted China Rush all within China, there were definitely more than enough stunning locations to visit…

…and as we made our way racing around China, we definitely went way up high…

…or even down below!

From location to location, I had a most memorable time seeing more than I previously ever did of China…

…and there definitely were some places to unlock!

Through rain or shine…

…we all made it to the end…or at least most of us!  Fortunately, I had some pretty fun and interesting greeters to keep me company at the Pit Stops.

And it didn’t hurt to be able to speak Mandarin so I could communicate with them and learn more about the culture and history of that specific region.

So there you have it…it all comes down to one more night tonight before we find out who the winners are going to be.

And for those of you who enjoyed this program and are craving more or would be interested in participating, don’t you fret because I have heard that a second season is already in the works!  More details on that to follow once I receive more info.

Til then, we’ll continue to race ahead!seo сайта

Oct 10

Ripped Off

Hi Everyone. I hope your weekend was better than mine because I got burglarized yesterday. Along with other possessions, I got a few of my computers stolen so this means I’ll have limited access for a while. Now I just hope I got everything backed up properly. Have a good week and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Wu knows? Maybe I will get really lucky with A touch of Karma and catch them crooks!продвижение сайта

Oct 10

TARA by the Numbers

For all of you TARA fans out there, here’s some more information about this race by the numbers…


Oct 10

A Special Pit Stop Experience

People always ask me what do I actually do when I am waiting around for the teams to arrive at each of the Pit Stops?  Well, I normally don’t get a chance to do too much.  We are never certain when a team might literally pop out of nowhere so I can’t venture too far away from the mat.  Fortunately, I am usually in good company with a local greeter to help me pass the time and learn more about the respective country.

In the previous episode of TARA4 (Episode 4), I had the pleasure of not one but actually three greeters in Gaulle, Sri Lanka, to help me in welcoming the arriving teams…

Although we had a difficult time communicating because I couldn’t speak Hindi or Tamil and none of them could speak English or Mandarin, I figured I’d take a few of my favorite “aerial” shots…

Soon thereafter, the main greeter starting getting into the mix too!

The next thing you know, we were both doing our thang as we patiently waited for the teams to make their way to this Pit Stop…

And once we got tired (and I was probably too sweaty) to continue dancing around, we all enjoyed grooving to the beat of our percussionists!

Yeah…this was truly a special Pit Stop experience for me, and it was so much fun to use means other than conventional language to communicate with my newfound Sri Lankan buddies.

And on that note, the next exciting episode of TARA4 airs tonight on AXN.  I think a few of you already know where we will be dropping into next.  But if you don’t, then here’s a picture of a stunning volcano to get you “ashing” for more!  ;-P


Oct 10

Recent TARA4 Media

Since I know not everyone around the planet can gain access to certain social networking sites (especially in China), I will post some of the recent promotional publications for The Amazing Race Asia right here on my website.

Here is the recent covershoot I did for M2 Men’s Magazine (October) in Malaysia, which should already be out in newsstands…

Thanks again to the editor Lennard Gui for hooking me up with these shots first until I get my hands on a hard copy.

This is also the shoot I did for the September issue of Women’s Weekly in Singapore…

Alrighty, that’s it for now.  There should be more coming in so look out for it right here!продвижение

Oct 10

Slowing Things Down to Pick Things Up

Aghh…Bali.  I have nothing but great memories each time I venture out to this popular Indonesian island.  Initially, I used to complain about being unable to “connect” to my life away from the tropical island life.  But with time, I have come to truly appreciate this time spent away from mobile phones, computers, PDA’s, etc.  For many of us, we live in a world of instant gratification, especially with the advent of digital technology and the accessibility of the internet.  However, I have learned to embrace slowing things down and literally not turning any electronic gadgets on for a significant portion of my trip.

Wu knows?  Maybe I am getting older…or just slower.  Maybe I just can’t keep up with the nonstop rapid  influx of information that’s constantly bombarding us so this trip has been just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, this means tons of time to spend to have tons of fun in the sun with the little ones…

…and I enjoyed using my Samsung digital camera to turn some of the memories into something a little more “sketchy!”

I really hoped to get the kids learning how to surf so I have some good incentive there, but they were more than happy to simply be playing in the sand.

Guess this means I’m relegated to some “sand surfing” until I get back to Singapore  for some more Wavehouse action on Sentosa!

In the meantime, it’s never to early to get the “jump” on things with teaching these kids about more elevated shots…

…and on that note, it’s time for me to share one last shot I took myself using a ten-second timer and leap back into action!


Oct 10

Wet and Wild Wavehouse Fun!

Yesterday, we took Sage and her entire crew of classmates to Wavehouse Sentosa for some fun in the sun, and the kids were all simply luvin it…and livin it up!

Although these six year olds were too small (aka~too short) to “stand up” and ride the Floboard, they were still able to max out their fun layin low on the body boards…

…and we all had a hoot watching these pliable lithe little thangs wipin out!

…and when the super-excited kids were all too distracted, I’d “slip in” and jump on the Floboard for a quick ride myself!

Although all the kids just wanted to keep the “flow” going, we finally had to wrangle them all together for some birthday cake…

…and all the kids couldn’t wait to get their paws on some cake!

Of course, we still all gotta wait for the little birthday girl to blow out the candles on her two-tier cake!

And a huge Thank You! to Terry Goh and his Wavehouse team.  We couldn’t have asked for a better venue to celebrate Sage’s 6th birthday.  I think most of the parents i Singapore are more than tired of going to the same indoor gyms and “playscapes” so this is truly a hidden gem for people of all ages to have some major fun.  If you’re a little daunted with riding (or lying down) on the waves, you can find solace in knowing that the grub there is Da Bomb too!  Simply delicious…and Perfecto!  We’ll be sure to be back cuz I just can’t get enough of this place!

But for now, I need to get this future CAL recruit “up to speed” in American Football cuz you know the current CAL football team can definitely use some help!