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Sep 10

From Bangkok to Button

From the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix to the newest season of The Amazing Race Asia, there’s going to be a lot of racing coming up in the next few days.  In fact, I’ve actually been quite busy over the past week with hosting several events including the Walton Investment Group’s “Myth from Fact” this past weekend…

This “traveling show” has now moved its operations to Malaysia this week so I stayed back in Singapore before I flew out on my next trip to Bangkok for the Anlene Wider Brand Team Meating.  This regional event involved an “Amazing Race” component and so I was invited to participate in their own version as the teams raced from Sukhothai Hotel onto the crowded, congested streets of Bangkok in Tuk Tuks….

Once the race was completed, it was time for a night of fun on a cruise ship to enjoy Bangkok at night.  Actually, I was really impressed with how beautiful the view was with many temples that were lit up for the attraction.  I was also in charge of announcing various awards so that kept me busy…

…and once the business was outta the way, it was time to mingle with the Anlene team and take some pictures with everyone.

The following day, I flew back to Singapore so I could attend the 150th Anniversary of Tag Heuer watches at Marina Bay Sands.  A certain Formula One World Champion driver named Jenson Button was also in attendance…

Jenson Button was a natural on stage and kept the crowd entertained with his humor and enthusiasm throughout the evening.  He even brought his girlfriend along to “pick up” a Tag Heuer too…

Not only that, Jenson also signed and donated his racing helmet to a local charity in Singapore to raise funds.

For me, the most entertaining portion of the evening was watching local ambassadors Li Lin and Tay Ping Hui along with the rest trying to cut the 150th Anniversary cake, which was totally frozen…

Well, that’s it for now so let’s take one more picture with Li Lin and Ping Hui before we get ready to officially kick off The Amazing Race Asia once and for all throughout Asia on AXN!  Finally!$@%#

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Sep 10

100% Pure Joy…

…this is what I live for!#$@

(Photo taken from the Infinity Pool at the Sky Park of Marina Bay Sands Resort)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sixth episode of The Amazing Race China Rush this Sunday!


Sep 10

“Racy” Pix and First Look at TARA4

It’s been pretty crazy the past several months between filming and fulfilling my family duties, but I’ve finally found some time to post up some pictures from The Amazing Race China Rush.  The show is doing really well in China, and the teams have already completed five episodes of the race.  If you’d like to see some of my favorite shots from this race, then just click on “Gallery” on this web page and then look for the album entitled “The Amazing Race China Rush.”  Hopefully, the popularity of the show will continue to grow in China (and overseas) so that we can do it all over again next year too!

And speaking about doing it all over again, the fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia will start soon enough on September 23rd.  However, if you can’t wait for the premiere telecast on AXN, then you can be among the very first anywhere to watch it online after midnight tonight at the AXN website:


I wasn’t too sure how the online “sneak preview” viewing of TARA4 would do for AXN, but everyone seems to be happy with the results so that’s a great sign…and we’ll be racing soon enough!продвижение сайта

Sep 10

Hot off the Press…

…Or NOT Even in the Press Yet!

I am not sure if I should even be doing this, but I’m gonna “push the envelope” a bit here and share with you the upcoming issue for the Sunday Inquirer Magazine in the Philippines with both Team Philippines…Jess, Lani, and the Richards…

This magazine won’t be out until September 19 so don’t forget to pick one up if you happen to be in the Philippines.  You can tell me whether the article is good or not too!

I’ll plan to toss up some more press stuff once I get my paws on them, and get ready for “The Ride of a Lifetime!”раскрутка и продвижение сайта

Sep 10

Away from Civilization…and the Kids

With a Sunday rainy day to chill out, I remember completely unplugging last weekend in Lombok at Qunci Villas.  Lombok is an island in Indonesia next to Bali, and this charming venue is still relatively low-key compared to its ultra-popular neighboring tourist destination.  I like to describe Lombok as “Bali from maybe a decade or so ago.”

So with few crowds and no kids around, it was certainly the antidote to civilization (Wasn’t that the catch phrase to some other resort?) as Li Lin and I totally chillaxed to the max in our one bedroom villa with personal pool.

With uncongested streets and lush green all around us, it was just too easy to spend a lot of time doing nothing and not worry about the next task on hand…

The food was good and inexpensive, and I had a good time exploring the nearby beaches and just lappin up the stunning sunsets.

Overall, Qunci Villas was a nice place to stay.  However, they really gotta do something about their room service cuz no food is served after 11 Pm when the restaurant closes so be prepared to bring some snacks or go on a personal fast until breakfast begins at 7 AM the following morning!

Still, just the mere fact that we could totally relax (and not worry about the kids for once) was enough to slap some smiles on our mugs!

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Sep 10

(Healthy) Breasts are Best!

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the charity gala premiere for the Singaporean movie “Love Cuts” at Vivo City.  Instead of the usual “red carpet” affair, the event decided to roll out a “pink carpet” (although I still think everything looked pretty much red).  With my “Number One fan” by my side…

…it was time to hit the stage and answer some questions regarding my role in the film and breast cancer, which is the primary topic of the movie.

Once I finished reminding everyone that early detection is critical to the successful and effective treatment of breast cancer (or any type of cancer for that matter), I got to pin my congratulatory wish to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore…

With all the formalities out of the way, it was then time to chill out with the cast and crew before the movie begins…

If you do get the chance to catch the flick, let me know what you think!сайта

Sep 10

Canali “suits” me fine

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the new boutique store launch of Italian menswear luxury label Canali at the Paragon Shopping Center in Singapore.  Quite frankly, it’s been a while since I last wore a nice suit so thank you Canali for slipping some fine Italian craftsmanship on me.  Yesterday was a jam-packed day of running around endlessly on top of keeping the kids entertained at the pool so you know I was looking for some “Big People Time.”  When I arrived, I had a good laugh with the emcee for the evening, Junita Simon, who was also happy to have a short break from the little one…

Before the evening’s festivities kicked off, I did a quick interview with E! News Asia…

Funny…every time I’ve done an interview with E! News Asia, I haven’t seen the actual hosts of the show.  Guess it’s difficult to be at so many places at once to get the latest entertainment news.

Once that was done, it was time to meet the Canali family who flew in just for the event…

Elisabetta Canali noticed that I hadn’t cut off the label tag on my sleeve so I had to get that resolved before the ribbon cutting ceremony in a few days.  I told them I purposely kept it on to give them a little more “coverage”…

…Truth is I was in too much of a rush to get ready after dumping off the kids at home after swimming.  Luckily, I don’t have to spend “too much” time putting on makeup or anything, which is one of the few perks of being a guy.

And once I am formally “delabeled,” it’s time to cut the ribbon and officially open the new store…

After that, I take my seat next to actor Pierre Png for the fashion show and catch up on the “good old” days at Channel 8 and doing Chinese drama ;-P

And once the event’s program has come to a close, I figure I can squeeze in one more interview because TARA4 Racers Revealed officially airs tonight on AXN across the region so check out the teams…if you haven’t already done so at the AXN website!aracer