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Aug 10

The Racers have been Revealed!

And just like that…the ten new teams for the upcoming fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia were announced last night in a press conference conducted at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.  I was on hand to lend a hand in the festivities, and it was fun to see how excited all the teams were, especially now that they could finally “come out” and tell the world that they’ll be racing soon!

For anyone who has tried to apply to be on the race, they already now how difficult it is to be selected.  So whether these teams end up winning or losing, they should all congratulate themselves for even being selected thru the grueling TARA admissions process.

Last night’s event was short and sweet, and it was all about announcing these ten teams to press and media from around the region.  I had a great time catching up with all of the racers on stage…

Now normally, I’d give you all the fun facts related to these teams.  But since AXN will be airing a special episode of Racers Revealed on September 2nd, I figured I’d let them do the honors.  Of course, if you can’t wait another week for the show to air on television, then be among the very first anywhere to learn more about the teams and the race starting tomorrow on the AXN website where you can see the entire episode!

Click on here to watch Racers Revealed tomorrow!

Hope you enjoy the show and get ready for “The Ride of a Lifetime!”продвижение

Aug 10

M2 Men’s Magazine Covershoot (Malaysia)

I hoped you enjoyed watching the second episode of The Amazing Race China Rush.  While this show is now up and “racing,” I’ve been spending a bit more time doing what I can to get the good word out about that other “Amazing Race from Asia.”  Along with the photoshoot for New Tide and New Icon last week, I also had a great day with Lennard and his magazine M2.  After spending a good part of the day in a studio, it was nice to go outside and pop off an outdoor shoot with a Ducati…

As much as I wanted to take this sweet ride for a spin, it’s probably better that we stayed stationary cuz the streets of Kuala Lumpur were jam packed around 4 PM.  And since I couldn’t and wouldn’t be going anywhere on two wheels, we quickly moved inside for some more pics after that shot was done…

…and before I knew it, I was all changed out and sitting down for an interview.  Quick and painless…just da way I like it!  If all goes well with the shoot (and M2 is happy with the pics), you should be able to locate my mug on their upcoming October issue.

With the media and marketing machines beginning to rev up, it’s time this week to soon reveal the newest batch of contestant in the upcoming fourth season of TARA.

Watch out for more details soon!что такое оптимизация сайтов

Aug 10

Episode 2 of The Amazing Race China Rush

Did you miss last night’s episode of The Amazing Race China Rush on ICS?  If so, you can watch it on their official website for the next few days before it’s removed so enjoy!


Due to copyright agreements with Disney, this streaming will only be available for this week so catch it soon cuz if you snooze…you lose!  ;-Pseo оптимизация цена

Aug 10

Covered (and Uncovered) in Malaysia

Hello again!  It’s been a pretty hectic coupla weeks, but it’s good to be back here.  Along with spending some productive time in Shanghai to get things rolling for The Amazing Race China Rush, I returned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a power-packed day of getting covered (or uncovered) for various publications including New Tide, New Icon, Health Today, and M2.

Once all the filming for projects have been completed, it’s now time to do the post production work which includes voice dubbing and also promotions with all sorts of media from magazines to newspapers to online media to radio interviews to television appearances.  Although it get a little tiring having to rush around from one place to another to “spread the good word,” it’s always more than worth it to hear people enjoying the shows.

Although the featured shoot for New Tide and New Icon won’t be coming out until the end of the year, I got my always helpful publicist to take some behind-the-scene shots of the fashion spread…

…you should get the idea by now so it’s time for me to sign up and take these kids out to lunch.

And if you happen to be in Shanghai, don’t forget to watch the second episode of The Amazing Race China Rush at 8 PM tonight on Channel ICS.  Otherwise, I’ll let you know where you can watch it online once I find out the website!оптимизация в поисковых системах

Aug 10

The Amazing Race China Rush trailer

I just got my hands on the newest trailer for The Amazing Race China Rush, and this is one “wall” I don’t mind running into!

продвижение сайтов в поисковые системы

Aug 10

China, Here We Come! 冲刺中国 今晚首播

The day has finally arrived.  After spending countless days in preparation, production, and post-production, The Amazing Race China Rush will make its premiere telecast later this event at 8 PM on Channel ICS (International Channel Shanghai).  Even better, CCTV International (English channel) will be airing the show starting next Saturday night at 1115 PM worldwide so you can all still catch it if you have CCTV.

Since I will flag off the teams only a few hours later this evening, I’d like to share some of the production still we took during the first day of filming.  I remember the first day of the race was surprisingly frigidly cold, but everyone was a good sport about getting in position for my opening speech…

Of course, we cannot forget to line up the bags after I say “Go!” to the racers…

Our crane shots are a tricky beast.  But once you’re able to master it, the reward will be some nice “sweeping” shots…

It’s now time to see what the director sees…

All the teams are jumping out of their pants and ready to race so it’s now time to crouch down and assume the position…

And once I flag off all the teams, it’s time for me to start doing my diddy to explain what the the teams are getting themselves into!

Hope you enjoy the show!  Once I find out where we can watch it online, then I will let you know too!продвижение сайта