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May 10

Wet While Workin

Through all conditions, the race must go on.  Of course, we still prefer to race when the weather is more compliant.  However, all the teams and crew had to really sludge it out on one of these days when the rain would not relent.  Luckily, the wet weather did abate for a bit so we could take care of business…

Although I don’t mind doing my diddy in the rain, our poor cranes and cameras don’t operate so well under extreme moisture so we’re relegated to doing what we can under cover.

And once the weather has cleared the following day, it’s time to “pick up” some of the shots we missed in a tank top!


May 10

Seeing Black and White

Although we’ve been moving all around China at a fast pace and seeing all that it has to offer, I was really excited to finally see a real panda.  Sure, I had a “panda” at one of my earlier Pit Stops, but it was great to see one of these lovable animals at play.  When our host team arrived, it was still early morning so most of them were sleeping.  However, we did manage to find one of them that was already up for breakfast…

After she finished her daily dose of bamboo shots, “Amanda the Panda” quickly gave a shout out to us…

Afterward, we had to quickly leave Amanda so we zip over to another pit stop in a mountainous region of China.  And where was it?  I would like to tell you, but I should probably zip it up so I don’t spoil the actual location for you all!

Of course, not everyone is excited about waiting around for the teams to arrive.  Here’s our A.D. (Assistant Director) and sound technician “standing in” as we frame up our shots for the teams on the way…

And once all the teams checked in, it was time for us to rush off to the next destination so we can prepare final tests for the upcoming leg of The Amazing Race China Rush!

This is the first time China has ever produced a U.S.-based production with the actual format so I’m really excited to see how it all goes once it’s aired on August.  Until then, I’ll just keep on racing through these amazing locations!раскрутка

May 10

Under a Sea of Lights

The last few days have been pretty hectic on the race as we’ve taken to the land, air, and “under the sea.”  The teams are starting to thin out as the competition heats up.  At this point in The Amazing Race China Rush, it’s really Do or Die for the remaining teams so we’re all enjoying the drama surrounding them.

Of course, the production crew still knows how to have a great time as we set up this pit stop on a yacht off the coast of China…

…and I’m always guaranteed to have a new experience with each race as I have the opportunity this night to accompany a young “panda” help me greet the teams checking in at the Pit Stop.

After channeling my “paternal instincts” and teaching this adorable boy how to say “Welcome to China” in English, we are ready to get our “Game On!”  


May 10

On a Natural High

Today, we wrapped up another leg of The Amazing Race China Rush.  The entire production crew had to wake up at 5 AM to prepare for the arrival of the fellow contestants up in the mountains, and I really enjoyed the clean, crisp air at the higher altitude.  I was even able to pick up some cool shots while we were filming some of my hosting bits.  As my cameraman Joe was getting set to frame up the shot…

…I was busy getting my NBA score updates to the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game on my phone…

The entire production crew was spread across the entire mountain as we waited for the teams to make their ascent to the Pit Stop for this leg.  I stayed “productive” myself by keeping track of the Celtics victory over Lebron and the Cavs.  Now the big question is where is LBJ is gonna go (or stay) during his early summer holiday?

And I think our teams were more than happy to finish the leg cuz we’ve been getting some really cool “greeters” in snazzy traditional garbs lately!

Now it’s time to pack up my gear and get set to zip off to the next location!

See ya all later!aracer.mobi

May 10

Same Thang, Different Place

And just like that, another weekend is upon The Amazing Race: China Rush.  For most of us, we tend to lose track of which day it is as we’re literally “rushing” from one location to the next as the teams blast through the race route.  Normally, I would never even consider posting up any pics from TARA, but the marketing approach to TARCR has been a lot more “open” so I’ve decided to share some photos that aren’t too obvious to our exact location.  But then again, I am certain some of you might already know where we’ve been setting up our Pit Stops so can I kindly request that you keep it to yourselves so the 1.5 billions viewers who watch TARCR in early August can still have somewhat of a surprise?  And on that note, it’s time to get the mat in position for another Pit Stop with the Producer and D.O.P. (Director of Photography)…

The iconic Pit Stop mat is placed in the perfect position to capture the teams and host with minimal disturbances or distractions.

Once the mat has been determined, it’s time to line up our “shooters” to catch everything when it all goes down as the teams quickly approach the end of the leg.  Here’s a shot of my “Host  Crew,” which includes cameraman Joe and soundman Terence…

We spend a lot of time together so it’s a good thang that we all get along.  People always tell me that it looks like we’re having so much fun, and the trust is…That’s cuz We Are! Otherwise, things could get ugly fast.

Speaking of fast, another day…another Pit Stop so I’m outta here!

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May 10

Are We Still in China?

We are on the move throughout China, and it’s been one helluva a shoot schedule thus far.  The teams are in great spirits as we make our way from one city to the next, and I am wondering sometimes whether we’re still in China or possibly Venice, Italy?

There truly are so many hidden treasures within China, and I hope you are able to discover some of them when the The Amazing Race: China Rush telecasts later in August.  I am so tempted to put up even more pictures of where we’ve been, but I know it’s best to keep the highlights of the race under wraps so you can fully enjoy the show.

I’ve actually got the night off after wrapping up earlier today.  Tomorrow will be another crazy early call time so it’s gonna be a long day.  Funny…I can’t recall the last time I fell sick, but I have been not well since we kicked off last week.  I hope to get better soon so I can enjoy all of China to da max!


May 10

And We’re Off!

And just like that, I’m back in the “racing saddle” once again…but in a completely new race in China.  After months of planning and preparations, it’s great to be back on the road, and it just so happens that we have the Shanghai World Expo officially open today on May 1.

I am sure the teams are more than happy to finally be racing too.  We have contestants from all over the world including Latvia, Australia, America, Mexico, England, India, and even Kenya!  Here are all the contestants lining up for the start of the race…

I am still trying to get used to the weather here in China, especially after becoming accustomed to the hot and humid tropical climate of Singapore.  The entire production team was worried that we might run into some rain on the open day, but we all came out A-Okay!

Cranes, Planes, and Automobiles…

So as I get back to the pace of an entirely new race, I’ll leave you with one question….Don’t you think our D.O.P. (Director of Photography) for The Amazing Race China Rush could pass off as a doppelganger (or at least stunt double) for Martin Scorsese?

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