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Apr 10

The Rush is On!

Here’s a recent article from China that officially announces the start of The Amazing Race: China Rush.


2010-04-27 17:30

A 12-episode series reality show, held its grand press conference and lensing ceremony in the Hilton Shanghai Hotel. The attendees included Ms. Wang Jianjun, Deputy Director of Information Office of Shanghai Municipality; Mr. Xu Hao, Assistant President of SMG; and representatives from the show’s co-producers, CCTV News, the Walt Disney Company Greater China, and International Channel Shanghai (ICS).

In 2009, the 12-episode’Shanghai Rush’, produced by the ICS team of SMG, was a great success. This Expo year, ICS will broaden its scope to produce’China Rush’, aiming to explore and promote Chinese culture through exciting and thrilling outdoor competitions around the nation’s great cities, perfectly complementing the 2010 Expo philosophy of’Better City, Better Life’.

Disney ABC International Television (DAIT)’s reality show’The Amazing Race’has won world fame and earned all seven of its “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” Emmy Awards. Now, the Chinese TV network ICS has acquired the rights to produce a version. As a part of the agreement, DAIT will be in charge of extending a global reach and providing formatting and consultation, working with SMG’s expertise and capabilities to ensure that the show captures the excitement of the original’The Amazing Race’series while tapping into China’s unique flavor.

Since Hamilton’The Amazing Race: China Rush’began recruiting, thousands of people from over 40 countries and districts applied through the official website and by e-mail. Now 20 contestants have passed the tough audition, and they come from Australia, Kenya, India, Mexico, Latvia, United States, and Canada. Beginning April 28, the 10 teams of two will start their magical mystery journey around China, with the Shanghai Expo Park as their first stop.

After one month filming across China, the finale will also be shot in the Shanghai Expo Park. The competition will adopt the last-one-out system. In the end, only one team will survive and take home the grand prize-a world tour provided by Travelzen.com. The host will be Chinese-American Allan Wu, who has hosted all three seasons of’The Amazing Race Asia’.

Title sponsored by world-class Hamilton Watch, the The Amazing Race: China Rush will premiere in primetime on August 8th, 2010 on ICS and air weekly to audiences in China. Global audiences will be able to watch through CCTV International (CCTV-9) one week after the ICS premiere.For detailed information, please visit http://www.chinarush.tv.


I’ll plan to post up more pics of the race once I get a “pit stop!”  topodin.com

Apr 10

8 Days New Branding TVC

Happy 20th Birthday to 8 Days Weekly TV Magazine!

And here’s the new TVC I did with them…


Apr 10

Raffles Hotel Wedding Fair

Recently, Li Lin and I were invited to host the Raffles Hotel Wedding Fair.  Normally, this is a standard affair where I just get up on stage and do my “song and dance”…sprinkled with a little extra wedding bell romance.  However, this time was particularly special because it was actually the first time Li Lin and I have ever hosted together…

The event took place on the breathtakingly stunning grounds of the historical Raffles Hotel.  Normally, I don’t really get nervous when I have to get in front of a crowd and yabber away.  But this time, I think I felt a few butterflies in my tummy, especially when we all proceeded to the ballroom.

Fortunately, lunch was served at the perfect time and quelled those butterflies so I could get my “Game On” once again!

..And it’s nice to know I can even get to go home with my cohost for a job well done…and full of fun!  новости интернет маркетинга

Apr 10

One Truly “Amazing” Week

This week has truly been an amazing week for me…literally.  First, I kicked off the week with my special cameo on The Amazing Race, and it was great to hear from many long-lost friends back in the States.  I figure if I can’t make it back to the U.S. to meet them in person, the next best thing is to make a quick appearance on a TWELVE time Emmy Award winning television program, right?

Soon after the Singapore episode of TAR aired worldwide, a local newspaper in Singapore called The New Paper decided to publish my mug along with actress Christy Yow in our birthday suits for our upcoming movie, “Ge Ai.”

Little did I know that this publication decided to print some things that I did not say at all.  In fact, I only found out today after one of my producers for The Amazing Race Asia asked me why I was quoted saying that the recent episode of TAR could’ve been better?  Of course, the first thing I’m thinking is, “How could it be any better?  Heck, I’m already beside myself to even see myself in the program.”  But then again, the picture became more clear to me after I mulled over the situation some more.  Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of doing interviews.  I know it comes with the job, and I always endeavor to conduct myself with the utmost truth, honesty, and integrity.  Now, I don’t like to consider myself as someone who was “born yesterday,” but I always make the extra effort to always give every journalist a chance.  However, this “blasphemous burn” is gonna take a while to heal so don’t expect me to accept any more interviews from The New Paper…EVER.

Alright, enough of those negative vibes…let’s get back to being “Amazing!”

Things are moving along well for TARA4, and I got good vibes that this has all the bits and pieces to be the best season yet!  Thanks again to all the applicants who applied to have the experience of a lifetime, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing some of you in “Start City” in the near future!

Alright, I had a great time on TAR.  Check.  I’m now revving up the engines for TARA4.  Check.

So…it’s time to reveal an entirely new sort of “Amazing” with the first ever…

Yes!  The Amazing Race: China Rush!  In case you’re wondering, this is the real deal.  China will be producing its own official version of The Amazing Race franchise and Guess WU’s gonna be hosting this one too!  

It’s Totally On like Donkey Kong!@$%#

раскрутка сайта через

Apr 10

The Amazing Race meet Allan Wu

By Josh Lasser   |  April 12, 2010 12:24 AM ET

I have always been a fan of the U-Turn on “The Amazing Race.” Be it blind or otherwise, I think it adds an interesting little dimension to the game.

Prior to this latest episode we had already seen it doom one team this season, and this week it appeared again. Would it have the same effect?

The teams were headed to Singapore tonight so that they could meet Allan Wu, host of “The Amazing Race Asia.” While that was pretty cool, I have to say that I was disappointed that this was another non-flight leg. Save for the family edition, I can’t remember a season of this show that has had this few airplane trips, and the last two flights were show mandated – there was no jockeying for tickets. Tonight, there was only one train as well, so there was no fighting for tickets there either.

Jet & Cord were magically transported from first to last as they were unable to get a cab after the train ride, but it made little difference as all the teams except the Cowboys and Dan & Jordan headed inside the Victorian Concert Hall Wu was at rather than searching for him on the outside. Dan & Jordan got to Wu first and he not only had a clue, he had a Fast Forward which they opted to do. For that, the brothers had to traverse the top of the Singapore Flyer, a massive ferris wheel, going from one cab to another. Everyone else was stuck with doing the Detour which had teams choose between learning a drum routine or selling ice cream.

Last week apparently taught all the teams that the skill task might be faster than the labor one (they would have had to carry the ice cream setup as well as sell), and everyone opted to learn the drum routine. Maybe this week we’ll have taught them that sometimes the non-skill task is a better choice because the drums weren’t easy.

Insanely, Michael & Louie, after trying the drum task decided to do the Fast Forward. If you’re going to do the Fast Forward, that has to be an instant decision. They saw all the other teams save Jordan & Dan were at the drums, and figured that the Brothers were doing the ice cream task? It was not a bright move to head to the Flyer. They got there, realized they were going to have to wait, and then opted to move to the ice cream. At least that was a good decision – Jordan & Dan completed the Fast Forward and came in first for the leg.

The Cowboys tried the drum routine on stage first, but failed, leaving the way open for Brent & Caite to pass them – which they did. That meant that Brent & Caite could U-Turn Brandy & Carol, which they did and proudly.

Michael & Louie seemed to have a pretty easy time with the ice cream, but that was mostly because their cabbie bought 10 of the 25 they had to sell. Even so, they arrived at the Road Block third because, despite Brandy & Carol finishing their drums before the Detectives sold their ice cream, the women had to turn around and do the other Detour.

The Road Block this week required teams to count all the links in a massive chain. You weren’t surprised that Caite begged off and had Brent do it, were you? You couldn’t have been. I loved that during the task, as he was complaining about all the noise, Caite was shouting words of encouragement. Brent got it on the first try though; I was impressed.

The Detectives apparently brought a pitch counter on the Race, which Michael used on the Road Block. Genius! In fact, no one had any issue with the Road Block at all.

There was a quick zip line ride after the Road Block and then a little trip over to the Pit Stop. As no one made any serious mistakes throughout the leg (the Detectives lost one spot as Michael didn’t have a clipboard to write his answer down on for the Road Block), Carol & Brandy never had a chance to catch up and were sent home this week. There was a momentary bit of drama where the Detectives lost their cabbie, but it didn’t actually make any difference.

Honestly, up until this week I only found Carol & Brandy slightly annoying, but they proved to be ridiculously obnoxious this week. Apparently they’re really, really poor losers. It turns out I won’t miss them, they were incredibly poor sports tonight. The U-Turn is part of the game, Brent & Caite can’t be chastised for using it (and you know that if they could I would be the first to do it).

Bits and pieces:

Jordan & Dan were dead on, Brent & Caite just didn’t like Brandy & Carol. I’m okay with that, but they should at least have been honest throughout and not made up some story about the women being a strong team.

Carol & Brandy were definitely right to switch to the drummer who was counting the beat.

I so want to try ice cream wrapped in bread.

“The closest thing we play to a musical instrument is the radio.” I love those guys.

Why didn’t the Cowboys wear their hats on the zip line?способы раскрутки и продвижения сайта

Apr 10

Universally Kinda Small

Yesterday, Li Lin was the “hostess with the mostess” for a Universal Entertainment private function. In case you didn’t know, they’re the guys behind Hallmark Channel, “The Biggest Loser Asia,” etc.  After she completed her gig, the organizers were kind enough to invite all of us down to have some fun at the recently opened Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa.  So I grabbed the kids from school and drove over to the amusement park to see what this new attraction at Resorts World is all about.

After we parked the car in this enormous underground parking structure, we made our way to the park.  The kids were still a little unclear as to where we were taking them, but I think Jonas got the picture after he caught a glimpse of the rollercoaster…

Universal Studios Singapore is set up with a huge lake right in the middle.  I am still not exactly sure what’s the purpose of it, but you can catch a glimpse of it from one of the kiddie rides in the Ancient Egypt theme land…

…and I’ve gotten used to doing a lot of these little people rides now.

Far Far Away theme land pretty much all happens inside and around a castle structure that’s inspired from the Shrek movies…

…and the Shrek 4-D Adventure is a great spot to cool down with its air con from the crazy heat here in Singapore.  Just be prepared to wait a good chunk of time while some worker takes seemingly forever to “warm up” the crowd before we’re all finally seated in the movie hall.  I really hope they’ll get rid of this “foreplay” cuz it’s pointless and totally eats into the rest of your day where you have no choice but to wait for the rides.

One of the main “live” shows is WaterWorld, which is based on that now old Kevin Costner “blockbuster” movie with the same title.  Fortunately, this show was more entertaining than the original film, and plan to get splashed if you decided to sit down low in the “Soak Zone.”

So what’s my final verdict?

At $66 SGD per adult ticket, it’s still really competitive priced compared to its original American “big brother.”  However, this amusement park is still in it’s “soft opening” phase so it closes early at 6 PM, which means you’ll be in a mad rush to wait in line for rides from about 4 PM onwards.  Although there didn’t seem to be a lot of people at the park, some of the more popular rides were still easily putting people in line at least thirty minutes.  Thank goodness we had a Universal Access pass which allows you to bypass the lines.  I can’t even imagine how crazy the lines will get on the weekends or when the big crowds come rolling in so maybe you can tell me if you decide to go.

But then again, all of this can easily be overlooked when you can put one of these smiles on those little people’s faces…

Now, it’s time to remind Sage and Jonas again to eat healthy so they can grow tall like this dude!


Apr 10

Racing Back from Phuket

Last week, Li Lin and I took Sage and Jonas for a quick family holiday to Phuket, Thailand.  Planning these family vacations are always a challenge because our schedules are totally “fluid” and not set.  In fact, I always end up having to work the moment I book a trip so Murphy’s Law seems to be in full effect on me.  Nevertheless, we all made it out to Phuket for a fun-filled time with the little ones.

I really hoped to stay the entire duration of the trip, but alas, I had to cut out short so I could get my “Game On” again.  This is the all-new reality sports show from Starhub that’s part of the media machine for the upcoming first ever Youth Olympic Games being held in Singapore.  With Melody Chen as my co-host, I’m trying my best to say the right things to keep a smile on her face…

…I think I’m doing pretty good thus far, and I’ll even make sure to find time to keep the atmosphere light and hearty!

Now, Game On is a simple and fun show where we get a group of kids together to “think and play” sports for a chance to win a load of prizes.  The young contestants will be asked sporty questions…

…and they’ll definitely have to show everyone their physical prowess too!

As much as I would like to get into the mix and participate, I’m already having a great time just enjoying the action from the sidelines as both teams battle it out…

Although I know I’m having a great time being wacky, wild, and crazy as the host of this show, you never really know what the contestants are thinking.  Just in case the team members just really aren’t vibin with this ole foggie of a host, the producers have been kind enough to bring on special guests such as this year’s CLEO magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor, Parker Lam!

…cuz you can never have too much Eye Candy!