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Mar 10

A Week of Firsts…

Don’t you just hate it when you’re working on something with your computer such as your blog and the freakin thang crashes on you?  Unfortunately, this isn’t a “first” for me so I should have been better prepared.  If so, then I’m sure the quality of this current blog would be prepared with less frustration.

Alright, enough on what I should’ve done to save my work cuz what is done is done.  Now, it’s time to move on and get to the meat of the matter.  I wouldn’t say this past week has been particularly extraordinary, but then again it is what you make of it.  And from that angle, I decided to see what experiences could be “firsts,” especially since I plowing through my thirties.

First, I went to go try out this type of alcohol called absinthe at a restaurant in Singapore aptly named Absinthe.  I still recall many years ago watching Johnny Depp in this movie called “The Ripper” where he seemed to get more than the conventional buzz from imbibing some absinthe.  Since then, I’ve always been curious, but I never really got around to trying it.  Last week, my moment had arrived, and the owner Philippe of Absinthe even pulled out the original absinthe glass and spoon that his great grandmother used…

…and yes, that photograph is an actual picture of his late great grandmother.  All being said, I finally drank two glasses of this concoction, and I was quickly reminded that I have never been a huge fan of black licorice.  Furthermore, the mythical intoxicating effects that I had anticipated from the movie never really took full effect either.  Nevertheless, I still had a great culinary experience at the restaurant Absinthe, and this place must be pretty damn good for my wife to proclaim it her “favorite restaurant right now.”

Moving on to another “first” for the week, I began working on this new sports reality game show with teenagers aged 14-17 called “Game On.”  Sure, I’ve done my share of hosting for a variety of variety programs, but this show is primarily set up to showcase the first ever Youth Olympic Games being held later this year in August.

We all convened to get the film rollin at 545 AM so you know it was no picnic crawling outta bed even though I normally just wake up a little bit later.  While the kids and production crew were all waiting for the sun to rise, I spotted this small bug chillin next to me on a log bench.  Only when there was sufficient light did I discover I had chanced upon my very first blue hornet…

Now, is this little critter awesome or what?  Just seeing this blue insect at the crack of dawn made me think we were in for one helluva day.  I should’ve known it was gonna be one helluva HOT day at Sentosa!

All that said and done, I’m gonna quickly scurry on outta this hotzone in Phuket cuz the mozzies are having a superb buffet dinner WITH me!  I’ve had a great time with the family here in this island paradise so now it’s time to get set to return to Singapore in time for my “Pillowtalk” with Yasminne on Class 95 tomorrow night from 10~1130 PM.

Look out (or listen out) for it if you’re bored and wanna here what I’m gonna spout out about love, life, and Li Lin!


Mar 10

Another Revealing Photoshoot

A few days ago, I started working on this new film entitled “Love Cuts” dealing with breast cancer.  I think I’ve worked on enough TV and film projects to know what I’m getting myself into, but I had to think about taking on this role a little because it entailed a photoshoot scene which reveals “more.”  In fact, both Malaysian actress Christy Yow and I had to essentially do the shoot in our “birthday suits.”   In case you don’t already know, Christy is presently the “It Girl” with a starring role in director Eric Khoo’s upcoming biopic of the the Singaporean “Snake Lady” striptease dancer, Rose Chan.

The Chinese press have already labelled Christy “the busty 36C lady from Malaysia” so Christy was the “perfect fit” for a film centered around breasts.

And Me?

I’ve always had a “Love Hate” relationship with the entire nudity thing.  I know it’s definitely more of an issue for women who decide to enter the entertainment industry, but I’ve been welcoming and avoiding it throughout my career.  On one hand, I know I should just take it as a complement I even still get requests to take my top off  (or whatever else).  On the other hand, I have never been a big fan of the “flesh trade.”

However, we all know in media that “Sex Sells” so I’m figuring I’ll just work on smiling these days cuz I know I ain’t young and these requests are definitely numbered in this department.  And like I always say…

Use It or Lose It.  But Please…Don’t Abuse It!”  

And on that note, I made sure to pose with a Smile!  


Mar 10

Fresh Off the “My Paper” press


Wu muscles in on Amazing Race

Tue, Mar 23, 2010
my paper

ALLAN Wu may be every bit the doting husband, but if the host of The Amazing Race Asia had to pick a partner for the reality competition, it would definitely not be his other half, Singapore actress Wong Li Lin.

When he spoke to my paper recently, Wu, 37, was candid. “There was a time when I would have loved to race with her but, now, I don’t think she’d want to race with me,” he said.

“I bet I’d be a real jerk and we’d be fighting all the time (thanks to my competitive nature),” he added with a laugh.

The two married in 2003 and have two children – daughter Sage, six; and son Jonas, four.

The guy’s ideal partner, instead, would be Phil Keoghan, who hosts the original American version of the programme.

“It would be cool to see how we would do together, and it sounds like a great draw,” he explained.

The show’s format sees 10 pairs racing across the world and undertaking various physical and mental challenges in a test of endurance to win the grand prize of US$100,000 (S$140,000).

It is recruiting teams for its fourth season, which is slated to begin filming in a few months.

The entire season takes about a month to film, said Wu, who is Chinese American.

And would-be racers will be glad to know that Wu – who has also acted in shows such as Chinese drama Bukit Ho Swee (2002) and the Jack Neo movie I Do, I Do (2005) ” promises that this season will be one hell of a ride.

He enthused: “It will be a once-in-a-lifetime thing you will treasure and cherish for the rest of your life, whether you win or not.

“I remember visiting Prague in a previous season and then the next day I was somewhere else… it’s really intense but amazing.”

Viewers need not worry about being left out, either. With the Emmy-winning American version now in its 16th season, the affable Wu thinks that the tried-and-tested formula cannot go wrong here.

“(In each season) you have a whole new bag of contestants with their own idiosyncrasies and personalities…that’s what makes it enthralling and enticing for the audience,” he said.

Wu should know – this is the dude who came in second on American competition series Fear Factor in 2004.

People think I’m a huge risk-taker, but I think it’s just my competitive nature,” he explained.

He then added thoughtfully: “I need to work on enjoying life a little bit more and appreciating what life has to offer…I’m in that process now.”



Mar 10

Future Calvin Klein model?

I still don’t think my kids have any idea what they want to be when they grow up although Sage has been mentioning being a magician would be “pretty cool.”  And for Jonas?  We got him some little Calvin Klein underwear so he can feel like the “big boys” on the billboards! ;-P

Yesterday, we wrapped up our third and final open casting call in Malaysia at the Queensbay Mall in Penang.

Here’s a shot from high above as people were just started to stroll in to apply for their chance to compete in TARA4…

Again, I’d like to thank all of our fans and supporters who turned up for the events.  And after meeting many of the potential racers, all I can say is, “Malaysia will be Ready to Rock and Roll in the race!”

And for all of you procrastinators out there, you’ve still got some time so hurry up and send in your application NOW!комплексная поисковая оптимизация сайтов

Mar 10

Revealing Weeks to Come…and Classic Pinball

Now that Chinese New Year is more than officially over, 2010 is finally starting to swing into full gear for me.  After completing one final fitting (which is a also known as “imaging” to get the right style for the artists in a specific production) for this new sports reality show entitled “Game On” on Starhub cable’s Supersports Arena channel, I will be flying off tomorrow to Penang, Malaysia, for the third and final installment of TARA4’s Open Casting Call.

Of course, this race would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and so I’d like to give a shout out to one of our main sponsors Caltex with their newest iPhone application called Classic Pinball.  Caltex has been a huge supporter of The Amazing Race Asia each season, and now they’re going to make it even more fun for me when I’m on the road racing with their latest game. Here’s some more info on it…

CALTEX takes classic pinball action under the bonnet. Keep your ball in play for as long as possible in a metallic realm made of various components from the combustion engine.

Launch your ball from the valve, ignite the sparkplug, and activate the fuel injector. All these accelerate your points in a game that makes use of the iPhone accelerometer. Be sure to take advantage of the bumpers to cross the Techron bridge and put your score in overdrive with bonus points.

Don’t miss out on the action. Play Classic Pinball and see why everyone’s hooked.

Now that I’m armed with my first iPhone app, it’s time to figure out how come some recent projects would like me to “reveal” more of  myself?  In fact, I’m slated to do another fitting for a movie which requires the role to pose nude for “the sake of art.”  Information is still slowly trickling in with this gig so I’ll update you once it becomes available to me.

On top of that, I even had to rush some shots over to my agent in LA for a potential print campaign in the States.  And here’s the kicker…my agent told me to “just go topless and smile away” so the wifey took some quick shots one morning…

I’m not exactly sure if this is what the casting director was looking for, but it’s definitely easier being a guy where I can just jump outta bed and smile for the camera…without worrying about what to wear, hair, and makeup!

Hope to see you in Penang tomorrow and here’s one last piece of news for all of you procrastinators…

продвижение сайто

Mar 10

You & Wu Can Be AMAZING

Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation

March 15, 2010, 3:42pm

Allan mentions South America as a place he would like to visit as a pit stop for TARA 4.
Allan mentions South America as a place he would like to visit as a pit stop for TARA 4.

After graduating from the University of California-Berkeley, Allan Wu soon realized that his career would veer far away from his pre-med major and biotechnology background. Little did he know that his career in entertainment would propel him all the way to Asia even after modelling for the prestigious Ford Model Agency in Los Angeles, California.

Once Allan decided to “set up shop” in Asia, he was immediately invited to become an MTV VJ in Taiwan, with stints on MTV Taiwan’s Party Zone, International Top 20, and Most Wanted. Not to rest on his laurels, Allan later moved to Hong Kong to focus more on his acting and was featured in numerous television commercials regionally along the way.

In line with Allan’s desire to experience more of Asia both from a personal and professional perspectives, he took Singapore by storm when he first dropped in over seven years ago. In addition to hosting and presenting, Allan is also one of the most sought after actors on screen and has starred in an extensive list of productions both in English and Mandarin. Never one to back down from a dare, Allan even found himself consuming maggots, worms, stinky beetles, and rotten fish eyes on the NBC popular reality show Fear Factor.

Establishing himself as Singapore’s leading action and adventure hero, Allan landed the highly coveted spot as the host of AXN’s The Amazing Race Asia several years ago. With Season Four of The Amazing Race Asia ready to take flight once again, there’s no telling how far Allan will soar–only the sky’s the limit.

Well being recently caught up with the “Wulander” for the Season Four casting promo of The Amazing Race Asia which will be shown on AXN later in the year and got this exclusive interview:

The Amazing Race Asia Season Four is back again. How are you preparing for the hosting gig?

Everyone working on TARA 4 is really excited about the new season, and I am getting even more involved with the publicity by actively participating in the Open Calls. We’ll be holding auditions for everyone in cities such as Kuching, Kuala Lumpar, and Penang in Malaysia.

Tell us about your fitness regime? How do you keep in shape?

Being fit is something we all take for granted when we’re young so I’ve realized that I need to be more dedicated as I get older.  If my schedule permits, I go running two to three times a week for 8-10 kilometers.  I’ll also throw in some swimming, tennis, or basketball along with a weight session a few times a month.

How about your diet?

Although I do watch what I eat more carefully, I still eat to my heart’s content most of the time.  Life is too short to refrain from all the wonderful foods we can enjoy!  Of course, I do make an effort to consume less at night and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially after a hard workout.

If you weren’t the host of TARA, do you think you will join and actually win the race?

I would definitely consider joining TARA if I wasn’t the host.  Now, I would just need to figure out who would be an ideal partner. Maybe Phil Keoghan from the US version?  I’m based in Singapore so I would most likely represent the country.

What has been your favourite season so far?

I’ve actually really enjoyed all of the seasons thus far so this is a tough question.  The first season was simply “amazing” because it was our first time racing around the world.  In the second season, we had a very “diverse” group of contestants.  And in the third season, all of the “tough” challenges really tested the competitors so I can only say every season has been my favourite season for a different reason.

What tips can you give our Philippine readers in creating a most interesting audition video? Also, if they actually get into the top 10, what tips can you give them in making it to the final pit stop?

I know this might sound cliche, but I think it’s best to just “be yourself” and act natural.  If you wanna be in the race and believe you’d be a great contestant, then we definitely don’t want you to act or do anything that really isn’t who you are.  Of course, simple things such as speaking clearly and being cool, calm, and confident in front of the camera doesn’t hurt either.

And if one of your readers do make it to the final ten, then I would strongly advise to start watching the previous seasons of TARA to learn what the other teams did right…and wrong. Best preparation advice you can give to all those interested to join.

If you’re ready to be a part of something “amazing” and have the experience of a lifetime, then find someone who shares this dream to join you TARA because this is one ride you will cherish for the rest of your life!

All information on the race can be found on www.axn-asia.com/tara, and enquiries can be addressed to Amazing_Race_Asia@axn-asia.com. All applications must be submitted by March 22, 6:00 p.m. There will be strictly no extension after that date, so hurry and sign up now for the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime.


Mar 10

Thank You, Kuala Lumpar!

This Saturday I had the pleasure of flying up to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, for the day to meet all the friendly fans and potential contestants for The Amazing Race Asia.  It was a long day of interviews and media engagements, but the work was all worth it with a great reception.

With main sponsors Caltex, Sony, and Axiata on hand to promote the show in addition to handing out free giveaways, we had people lining up since 8 AM to sign up and apply!

Along with former TARA3 racer Bernie Chan hosting the afternoon’s festivities, applicants had many opportunities to participate in various games to win prizes…

After spending the earlier portion of the afternoon doing interviews and photoshoots with various media…

…it was finally time to hit the stage and meet all the potential contestants and fans with the Chong Sisters from TARA2.  I like this shot of Pam trying to “quietly” walk behind me as I start talking away…

With the Open Casting Call in Kuching and Kuala Lumpar now completed, up next is Penang this coming Sunday at the Queensbay Mall.  Although I am scheduled to film this coming weekend on another show, I’ll see if I can pull some strings to make it down to meet all of our TARA fans in Penang.

Thanks again for such a positive and overwhelming response and all I can say is, “Malaysia, You Rock!” 


Mar 10

You Don’t Have to be Famous…

…You Just Gotta Be You!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Open Casting Call for the fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia in Kuching, Malaysia.  Everyone was excited to fill out their application form and have an opportunity to be selected to race around the world.  After I reached The Spring Mall, I headed to the stage to introduce myself and then encouraged the crowd to apply for TARA4…

I was joined by former TARA racing alumni Vanessa Chong, Pamela Chong, and Bernie Chan…

We had a fun time sharing our stories from the race, and the crowd definitely enjoyed listening to the lovely ladies’ personal experience…

Now, one thing I realized from meeting the crowd was that there is this misconception that you have to be “famous” to sign up for the race.  Well, I am here to lay to rest that this is totally UNTRUE and You do NOT have to be Famous!  In fact, if you happen to take the time to analyze the teams from previous seasons of The Amazing Race Asia, you will discover that most of them are “normal” people.  And I hope this is one more reason to get your excited and motivated to sign up with someone for the race!

While people were busy signing up and shooting their casting video at The Spring Mall, I enjoyed taking pictures with fans of all ages…

Alright, our first stop in Kuching is done, and now we’re off to Kuala Lumpar this coming Saturday at the Sunway Pyramid Mall so grab your teammate and come on down because  you know we’ll be expecting you! 


Mar 10

Does Tiger Woods Need to Apologize?

Last night, I took some “time out” to talk about Tiger Woods and infidelity on Channel News Asia’s “Blog TV.”  Since the show was recorded live, I had a great time thinking on my feet and responding to questions hurled my way with no earlier preparation.

Now, I’m sure everyone’s got an opinion about Tiger Woods and his now infamous televised apology.  Quite frankly, I never bothered to watch it, and I now realize why I didn’t after watching a some footage on the show.

So do you think Tiger Woods needed get up on stage and make a formal apology for his “transgressions?”  Did he really commit a crime in any way, shape, or form?

Sure, it sucks to be his wife and find out he’s been playing way more than the usual “18 Holes” on the golf course, but he never got slapped with a felony or even a misdemeanor for his actions.

If any “average” person had committed the same “moves,” then we all know they wouldn’t be making a public apology…and I’m sure most of the general public wouldn’t bat an eye.

But then again, Tiger Woods is no “average Joe.”  He’s the first billion dollar athlete whose made hundreds of millions from companies investing in his clean-cut, family guy image.  And these companies have lost millions of dollars from marketing in him.

So if you ask me whether Tiger needs to apologize, it’s gotta be an emphatic “Yes!  It’s the first step he must take in an attempt to clean up his image and get back in any company’s pocketbooks again.

What do you think?  Am I right…or do I have it all wrong?раскрутка сайта

Mar 10

Pillow Talk on Class 95 FM

Earlier this evening, I recorded a session of “Pillow Talk” with Class 95 PM DJ Yasmine Cheng.  Listen out for the actual interview on  March 31 from 10 PM to 1130 PM.

I was actually all set to talk about our upcoming promotions for the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Asia, but I think Yas and her listeners might also be interested on my thoughts about love and relationships so we focused on that.  Here are some of her questions for me:

1) What have you been up to?
2) How long have you and Li Lin been married?  Share with us how you met her and your first impression.
3) How did you know she was THE one?
4) What’s the most important thing to make a marriage work?
5) I’m sure you guys squabble every now and then, how do you deal with such instances?  Or how do you deal when you have differing opinions?
6) Share an interesting date experience you’ve had?  Worst date ever? Funniest date ever?
7) What’s the biggest turn on for a guy?
8) Biggest lesson you’ve learnt about love?
9) What’s your love mantra?

These aren’t the easiest questions to answer for anyone, but I think you’ll all get a good laugh with my responses when the show airs so “listen out for it”…and Enjoy!продвижению сайтов