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Jan 10

“Clubbin” in Shanghai


Yesterday, I spent the second day freezing with my “wife” on some more party scenes.  I used to never really mind cold weather, but I think all these years living in Singapore has really warmed me up a bit too much.  Even though I’ve done my share of TV commercials, this one was a little special because it is completely shot with an SLR camera…


Wow.  Technology has really made it easier and even more convenient for everyone to consider producing their own high-quality commercial-grade work.  After losing my contact lense in the gramophone…


…it was time to finally move the show indoors with the setting sun.  I even had time for a cigar with my boyz for a day…literally.



Personally, I’m not a big fan of smoking, but I’ll pick a cigar over a cigarette any day of the week.  Finally, it was time to get the party really started at the Grand Ballroom…



…and they sure picked the right guy to do it!  My “wife” can’t even watch…


During the shoot, we had these two female Shanghai models that would not cooperate simply because they were not the leads for the production.  I assume these girls are accustomed to being the primary female in the local projects…but NOT this time.  We all had a difficult time working with them, and I couldn’t believe how unprofessional they were.  In the end after the champagne magnum was emptied, I was thinkin it might be time to “club” some sense into them! 



Jan 10

BURR-y Fun


Yesterday, we powered thru the first day of this property ad shoot in Shanghai.  Although everything went smooth and we had a lot of fun, it was actually freezing cold in this park called Sun Ling Gong Yuan.  Luckily, we had our standard military issue jackets to deal with the elements so I was ready…


Once the sun came up, we were ready to get rockin and rollin in the freezing cold.  My poor “wife” really had to tough it out in the cold with only her dress…


I got it a lot “easier” with a suit to wear…


…and then more female models joined the shin dig to heat up our “Riverside Party”…



After all the “guests” had left, it was time for a romantic, candlelit dinner in the middle of the forest…


My “wife” was eying my steak from all the way across the table…


…and I always make an effort to make the shoot enjoyable.  Sometimes, maybe too enjoyable! 


Now it’s time for me to salute and sign off cuz I need to get ready for Day Two of our shoot.  I hear more of it is indoors so that already warms me up!



Jan 10

Ten Years Ago in China

Since I’m back in Shanghai after six or seven years, I figured I’d toss up some of my old pics from a decade ago when I did this big fashion show for fashion label Montagut through six cities in China.  Not only did I get to eat, drink, and even “sing” with the boyz…

08-25-2009 02;06;57PM

08-25-2009 02;07;29PM

…we also got to finally check out The Great Wall of China.

08-25-2009 02;10;45PM

Even better, I had the opportunity to hang out with this “small time” director Feng Xiao Gong, Hong Kong star Rosemund Kwan, and some China actor named Ge You…

08-25-2009 02;09;59PM

Only later did I find out that Feng Xiao Gong and Ge You are (like) the biggest thing since sliced bread (or actually steamed Xiao Long Bao) in China…and they still are!  Now, that was an awesome trip in itself!продвижение сайта

Jan 10

Blocked Out in China

Well, I’m back in China again so it’s time to be amused with the various English translations everywhere.  Since I’m totally blocked off and “Firewalled” to the outside world with applications such as Twitter, Facebook, My Space, etc., I can only post my latest happenings on this website.  Does anyone know a way to access these various social networking applications from inside the “Great (Fire)wall” of China?

With the fitting completed yesterday for the shoot I’m working on here in Shanghai, I had some time to set up some meetings with a producer and also SMG Shanghai Media Group.  Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to work together in the near future.

In the meantime, I found the bathroom at the production office more entertaining than the standard ones everywhere else–And how couldn’t they be with signs like these!





Now it’s dinner time…and possibly a quick visit to the men’s room in search of some more “hidden treasures!” 


Jan 10

I went to the biggest party at a prison…


..and all I got was this lousy picture! 

Well, I guess that’s what I get for being too “casually late” for the CK Calvin Klein fashion event at the Queenstown Remand Prison.  This was the last gig before the venue is shut down for good.

And thanks for the pic, Bobby Tonelli!

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Jan 10

Pleasure and Pain


This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching professional boxers from around the world inflict “worldly pain” on each other.  In the past, I have never been a big fan of contact sports, but I think over the years I have attained a higher sense of respect and appreciation for all of these athletes.  The amount of discipline, determination, pain, sacrifice, and risks involved is seriously on a different level than any other sporting endeavor.  Imagine getting up at the crack of dawn each day just to have someone try to punch and/or kick you (depending on the contact sport) in each training session?  Those so-called “athletes” in the golfing and motor sports world got nuttin on these “modern day warriors,” and it makes these events even more meaningful in some seemingly radically warped sorta way.

With one championship belt on the line and five undercard fights that night, everyone in the audience definitely got their money’s worth of boxing…


And of course, you can’t organize any boxing event without the “essential” Ring Girls to remind us which round we’re watching…


Li Lin is not a huge fan of boxing unless “it’s PacMan fighting,” but I think she still enjoyed the fights that night…


…especially when the title bout was finally on!  Both fighters went the entire distance, but the fighter from Africa completely took apart his Indonesian opponent…


In fact, the Indonesian boxer looked a lot different at the beginning…


…then after twelve rounds of a one-sided pulverizing bludgeoning…


This ain’t the best picture, but I think the newly crowned champion’s expression says it all…


And what’s up with the Oakland A’s baseball cap?  Is he a Mark McGwire fan too?  I’m sure “Big Mac” would have some tips on how to “juice” it up and get pumped! 

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Jan 10

I’m an E-Geek for That’s I.T. on CNA

Here’s the segment on the CNA (Channel News Asia) show “That’s I.T.” where I rattle off what electronic gadgets I take with me when I’m racing (or doing whatever) around the world…


Jan 10

“Kiddin” Around at Hong Kong Disneyland


Earlier this week, I returned to Hong Kong Disneyland with the family for some “quality time.”  Although every activity we did was solely for the sake of the little ones, I surprisingly had a decent time.  One huge reason is probably cuz there were hardly any people there, and we barely had to wait in line.  I know I probably should have put up a more “Disney-esque” picture to kick off the blog, but I really enjoyed the weight of a planet on my shoulders so I’m sticking with dat!

Now, the good thing about Hong Kong Disneyland is that it’s not too “big.” In fact, I find it a bit small, but it’s perfect to bring small kids to visit.  Before Sage and Jonas knew what hit them, I immediately took them to try their first rollercoaster on Space Mountain.  Jonas cleared the 102 cm minimum height requirement literally by a hair or two so we were on!


I liked this shot from the Space Mountain people because you realize the kids are too short to see anything…


…on the other hand, it’s pretty much pitch black dark so none of us really saw anything.  While the kids were off on the carousel, I tried my hand at pulling out the sword of Excalibur nestled nearby….


Even Snow White needed a moment to ponder whether the rapidly vanishing popsicle was worth taking all the pictures with rabid fans that day…


At night, Hong Kong Disneyland really lit up, and the experience actually conjured up some old memories of my trips to Disneyland as a child back in California.


No matter how many kiddie rides I was subjected to, I had a great time on pretty much all of them…


While shopping for gifts for little ones, I think I found a definitely unique prop for my next show or project!


Everything was going all smooth until one of the Disneyland employees told me I couldn’t take my one last “money shot” with Sage and Jonas standing on the brick wall in front of Mickey!


Nevertheless, it was still a great time even though the food was pricey and tasted horrible.  Next time, I’ll have to take the train back into town for some quality Hong Kong grub.  Of course, the fireworks display at night was the highlight of the experience for me, and here’s a snippet of the fifteen minutes plus display before I sign off!

Alrighty, I got my fill of Mickey and Co for the New Year…and Beyond! 

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Jan 10

New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong

2009 has finally come and gone.  And quite frankly, it’s been one of those years that I’m thankful is now officially in the past.  Now, I can look forward to 2010 with a renewed sense of purpose and adventure, and I kicked off 2010 by spending the New Year’s Eve Countdown in Hong Kong with my boyz of yester-year from over a decade ago.  So as I raced off to the Alive Not Dead New Year’s Eve Bash at Zuma with my friend Terence Yin, we got stuck in some major street traffic when our taxi driver took us to the wrong location.  Inevitably, Terence and I got to do the Countdown on the streets with throngs of spectators enjoying the fireworks display, which actually turned out to be quite cool…


With no “viable” (or enviable) options for a New Year’s Coundown Kiss , we opted to ditch the cab and march on down to the event…


Someone forgot to give me the dresscode for the night so I was definitely a little “tourist casual” for the elegant soiree!  Our other fellow CAL alum Steve Hsieh was at the door waiting to get the party started too…


The Alive Not Dead New Year’s party was a huge success with over a thousand people dancing and making merry into the new 2010.  I had an “amazing” time catching up with everyone including this familiar face from TARA3, Vince…


Celebrating into the next evening, we enjoyed the harbor view after some sinfully delicious steak from Ruth Chris Steakhouse with Terence, Steve, and my longtime hommie Daniel Wu…


And after another night of catching up with old friends, it was time to take one last picture in the elevator before we all tucked into bed for the first night of 2010…


…and just for New Year’s kicks, here’s a pic from 2000 that tells me, “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!”

08-25-2009 01;51;27PM

…or almost the same–Minus the big smiles and “party favors” strewn all over the table!

Happy New Year to Y’All and Let’s Rock 2010!!