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Dec 09

Another Mediacorp Artist Gets Hitched!


I hope you’ve all had a most memorable and Merry Christmas this year.  Once Santa dropped in with presents for the little ones, I attended Mediacorp artist Cavin Soh’s wedding banquet to his freshly-solemnized wife Serena the day after with my own wife-in-tow…


Normally, I must confess that I’m not a “huge fan” of wedding gigs, but I knew we would have a good time catching up with old colleagues and friends from the local entertainment industry.  Upon our arrival, we first ran into actor Jason Chan, who recently did a German movie with Li Lin entitled “The Patriarch“…


Actor/Comedian Cong Cing and Henry “held court” this evening as the Mandarin and English M.C.’s for the night’s festivities…


…and you could just see that Cavin and Serena were more than ready to tie the knot…


Once all the guests were seated, it was time to start “flashin” away with Patricia Mok leading the charge!


So now let’s take a look at all the familiar faces that I had the opportunity to catch up including recently married couple Shaun Chen and Michele Chia…


Cynthia Koh and Chen Han Wei…


Tay Ping Hui and Vincent Ng…


…and a whole lot more!




So there you have it…the night after Christmas filled with more joy and laughter.  Let’s hope we’ve got many more of these days to come for 2010!!


Dec 09

Speed Ballin…


Last night, I went check out the Singapore Slingers basketball game against the Thailand Tigers at the Indoor Stadium.  This event was a little more interesting because the organizers decided to have some of us play against the media during halftime.


Our team included Irene Ang, Adele Wong, Benjamin Heng, and Nicholas Chee.  The most hilarious part is that some of members have never played basketball before so it was quite an experience.


As entertaining as I think it was for all of us, it was most definitely too short…We literally only played a total of six minutes split into two 3-minute halves!  You’d better not blink cuz you might have missed us!


After laying down an entire “brick house” with all of our misses, the final score was 1-0 with a lone member from the Media team making the only shot.

I think we all need to work on our shot…and maybe I shouldn’t have gotten everyone on my team to down a beer right before we played too! 


Dec 09

More of Morton’s


Last night, I was back in the mood for some serious steak so I dragged Li Lin with me back to our favorite “steak place” in Singapore, Morton’s The Steakhouse.  We both ordered the steak and seafood combo and literally stuffed ourselves silly.  Before we even completed the supremely presented and prepared culinary experience, my stomach was already bustin outta the buttons…


…which always means the customer is more than satisfied.  Thanks for another awesome dining time, Zyron and Morton’s!

P.S. ~ And if you’re reading this, Zyron, is that a young Al Pacino in the frame at the bottom lefthand corner of the first picture?  That couple next to your right ear in the second picture looks kinda familiar too! 

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Dec 09

Sippin’ Tea Ain’t E-Z…

Tonight, I was planning on tossing up some pics of me playing basketball with Irene Ang and other Fly artists for our “Celebrity vs. Media” Friendly Match at the Singapore Slingers game this Thursday night.  However, the pictures never came into fruition because I totally forgot to whip out my camera so I’ve decided to humor you with this TVC I did a while back for Tian Di iced tea.

I’m sure the average viewer looks at a typical television commercial and must think just how easy it must be to shoot it.  This Tian Di TVC should be no exception, right?

While from your TV couch it seems like a simple “just sit back and enjoy the iced tea” shot, I actually spent more than twelve hours working on those few scenes.  Of course, a lot of the time is spent waiting around to shoot the actual product and resetting the lights/ set for each shot, but it certainly is not as E-Z as it looks.  In fact, I had to drink so much iced tea that I couldn’t go near that stuff until a few months later.

Come to think of it…I still have a problem coming into close contact with Ferrero Rocher chocolates after that I did that TVC because I literally ate a huge carton of that during the shoot–and the best part is you don’t even see me eating one for the camera!  I wonder how much more I would’ve downed if I did!  комплексная поисковая раскрутка сайта

Dec 09

Diamonds in Tuscany

This DeBeers Diamonds TVC seems so old (completed sometime around the new Millenium) that I had to dub over the original audio with “classical” music…

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Dec 09

Making Amazing Memories with WLMM (Repost)


Last Thursday night, The Amazing Race Asia-Season Three (TARA3) took home its second ATA Award at the 14th Annual Asian Television Awards for Best Adaptation of an Existing Format.  A few weeks ago, I had posted up a blog using Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) to make a video for some of my Amazing Memories.  Since then, I’ve had people ask me to show them more clearly just how easy it is to use WLMM so here we go!

Let’s start by opening up the  “Windows Live” folder in your Windows 7 OS…


I then just click on “Windows Live Movie Maker” to open up the application…


Once we’re in, it’s time to start making some movies!  I can either manually add in my own videos and photos…


…and I can just click on “AutoMovie” and have the application essentially put together the entire video for me.


And Voila!  Here’s my finished Amazing Memories again using WLMM and AutoMovie!  Quick, easy, fun…and Painless! 

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Dec 09

“Miracle Milk” in a Bottle?


A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a new health product called COL+, which contains colostrum.  I think a lot of people don’t even know what colostrum is so I figure I’d give a brief overview.  However, I’m sure most parents are familiar with it since it is the first milk produced by all female mammals (including humans) during the first days after birth.


Colostrum is the only natural product which contains active antibodies along with other vital health components.  After doing a little more “homework,” I discovered that the benefits of this “Miracle Milk” have been known for thousands of years for its health giving properties, and studies have shown colostrum’s protective effects against influenza.  Athletes have used colostrum in an attempt to improve their performance, decrease recovery time, and prevent sickness during peak performance levels.  In fact, the Australian Olympic swim team won more gold medals than China in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games while using colostrum supplementation.

I also learned that the IGF-1 in colostrum promotes weight loss as it is needed by the body to metabolize fat.  We produce less IGF-1 as our bodies age so that makes it more difficult to lose weight.


COL+ contains colostrum from New Zealand cows , which is collected in the first 48 hours after the birth of a new born calf during a short period in springtime.

So what’s the verdict?  I’ve got my entire family on it, and we haven’t been sick once yet.  Although it hasn’t been that long of a period, I actually feel like I’ve got more energy even though I don’t always get sufficient sleep.  The kids like to drink it too because it tastes like watered-down yogurt so it’s nice to know that I’m putting something healthy into their bodies, especially when everyone around us is getting sick with the standard flu or even H1N1!

If you’d like to find out more about what colostrum is all about, then visit the COL+ website at:



If you decide to try some, don’t forget to let me know because I’m curious as to how it works on other human beings!  сайт

Dec 09

Which Guy is gonna sell Loopz?


After hosting the Asian Television Awards (ATA) last Thursday night and watching TARA3 win for the second year in a row, I spent the last two days at the Singapore Expo honing my salesman skills to the many visitors of the Fitness Expo.  With many of the 50,000 runners for the Standard Chartered Marathon dropping into the venue to collect their race packets, I had a lot of opportunity to “Be the Man” and explain through demonstrations that Loopz is equally effective for both women AND men.  I worked pretty much two full days from morning until evening at the exhibit, and Li Lin really set the standard working three full days…


All in all, it was a great educational experience for me.  In fact, my first jobs were in the sales industry so this was definitely a “throwback” to that era.  Back in high school and college, I used to peddle anything from bicycles to door-to-door environmental donations to Gap clothing.  Now, I guess I spend more of my time trying to “sell” myself to producers and directors.

After we plowed through the final day of the exhibit, I hopped into a nearby Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber to see if I could revitalize quickly for the evening’s program…




With an increased concentration of oxygen gas at 38% (Our atmosphere contains about 21%) at a pressure of 4 ATM, I was hoping to re-energize in time for my Celebrity Basketball Tournament after we packed everything up.  Although I think I did get an extra “boost” from the oxygen, our team still ended up losing 63-65 in the final two seconds when my teammate couldn’t sink his free throws to tie the game.  Maybe I should have shoved him into the chamber too, huh?

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to go out and  play even though I had been standing all day since 10 AM going “Loopy!”


Dec 09

“Bend It” with Mastercard


Two nights ago, I hosted the Mastercard “Hall of Fame” Awards Gala Dinner at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island.  Along with my partner-in-crime, Sonia Couling, we powered through and presented an array of awards to Mastercard’s banking partners.  Ever what happens at these shin-digs?  Well, here’s a quick rundown starting with learning your lines…


Next, it’s time to jump on stage and welcome all the guests and media for the event…


I used to get really nervous when I had to get in front of a crowd and do some public speaking.  But once you get used to it, it’s actually a lot of fun.  Of course, I sometimes still do get a few “butterflies,” but at least they’re a lot smaller now.

Now, let me push out the “bath tub” for our first guest’s performance…


…who happens to be Helena Henkel, a world-renowned contortionist.



It’s Contortion Time!



Wanna try this one at home?


After some amazing stretching, we moved on to a musical piece with violinist Ms. Min Lee and one of her students…


These formal events always are a great experience for the invited guests.  And the hosts?  We get the “Backstage Pass!” 


Next on my plate…The Asian Television Awards (ATA) tonight and Good Luck TARA3!!