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Nov 09

A Typical Sunday in Hong Kong

Today’s a beautiful sunny Sunday so I decided to share this TV commercial I did back in Hong Kong with a lot of  “domestic help” for Hong Kong Telecom…on only a Sunday, of course!

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Nov 09

A Handful of Hair


Recently, I literally took matter into my own hands when I decided to trim my hair.  Although I don’t do it as often now, I always find the experience to be quite liberating.  I remember cutting my own hair since the early 1990’s back in university and also had a good laugh trimming my friends’ hair back then too.  Over the past decade, I haven’t done this as often because I’ve been fortunate to get “sponsored” haircuts from professional hair stylists, which ain’t too bad either.  But once in a while, I just like to whip out the old trusty hairclipper from any D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Store so I can go ballistic on my mop…


I usually just go crazy with the electric hairclipper, but I felt especially “adventurous” this time so decided to stick with only the shears.  I was planning on videotaping the entire “hairy” experience but in the end decided to just take pictures instead because there weren’t any available bodies to “man” (or “woman”) the camera.  Here’s a collage of the shots from the session…


Now that my hair’s all done, it’s time to see whether Jonas needs another “Mini Hawk” or not.  The best part about the entire experience is that no matter how “unimpressive” of a job I’ve done, I know I did it all by myself…and any mistakes will “grow back” and be covered in no time! 

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Nov 09

A Sweet Ad with a Sour Taste

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I did this TV ad for Ferrero Rocher in Macau.  The original contract was to “load” or use the commercial for only one year.  Of course, the production company in Taiwan decided to take the money from the client and continue to telecast the ad for quite a few years to come.  It was one of the most annoying and frustrating jobs I ever did trying to track down and finally get the unscrupulous characters to cough up the money they rightfully owed me.  Even to this day, I get a “sour taste” in my mouth whenever I see this TVC…

…at the very least it taught me to keep an eye out for ads that should have longed been “shelved.”  And I hope this situation never happens to you.стоимость регистрации в каталоге яндекс

Nov 09

The 24 Hour Movie Marathon


A few weeks ago, my manager asked me if I’d be interested in “watching a lot of movies?”  Since I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies and the longest I had ever watched movies nonstop was about eight or nine hours (It was for a “Star Wars Trilogy” marathon back in university), I figured it was time to see if I could up my personal record.  Additionally, this event was for a great cause in that if I could survive twenty-four hours of movie watching,  I could donate $10,000 SGD to the charity of my choice.  With all these incentives in motion, it was time to hunker down and watch some flicks!

After playing some tennis in the morning, I rolled on down to Plaza Singapura at 3 PM to  meet the press and start the event with a total of ten celebrities including Wong Li Lin, Jimmy Taenaka, Adele Wong, Alaric Tay, 98.7 Radio DJ’s, and members from the Singapore Slingers basketball team…


Once we were all interviewed and given the rules for the event…


…it was time to watch some movies!


While the ten celebrities were competing for charity, one hundred people had already been invited a few days earlier to watch ONE HUNDRED HOURS of movies for a chance to win $10,000 SGD and a trip for two to Hollywood!  If 24 hours isn’t hard enough, I can’t even imagine watching over four days of movies nonstop!

During the competition, no one was allowed to leave their seats while the movie was playing, which includes going to the bathroom.  After the end credits had ended at the end of each film, we were given a five minute break to “do as we please.”  When three movies had been played, there was a fifteen minute break, and some of the contestants used that “extra” time to try and rest a bit…


One by one, the contestants started dropping out.  By the following morning, only two celebrity contestants remained, Alaric Tay and me.  With the sun coming up, we had to contend with watching a movie with a major glare too…


If you look closely at the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will notice the running timer for the entire event.  The celebrities started the competition at 46 Hours while the other contestants began all the way at “Ground Zero.”  Although I did have bouts throughout the evening to doze off and fall asleep, I still felt pretty good at the 21 (67 minus 46 = 21) Hour mark…


Now, it’s time to take a look at the final three competitors seated behind me…


While the two guys on the side still seemed alert and lucid, the poor guy in the middle was struggling a bit…


Can you even imagine watching almost THREE full days of movies continuously?  Here’s a closer look…


I really have to hand it out to all of these guys.  Starting out in a competition of one hundred people, these were the last three standing…or sitting.  With 10,000 Dollars at stake, they definitely had the motivation and determination to press on…no matter how tired they must have felt.  Actually, having the contestants around was a great inspiration for me too.  Anytime I felt like giving up or falling asleep, all I had to do was turn around and see how well they were doing to get my psyched up.

Once the 24 Hour mark rolled around, I definitely had my “fill” of movies for one day…


Thanks again for such a unique and amazing experience, Nescafe!  Not only was I able to donate money to the Casa Raudrah charity organization, I even got my own certificate!


Now, I’m just wondering which of the last three remaining challengers won the $10,000?


Nov 09

Singtel MIO Home TVC

Here’s the new Singtel MIO Home TV Commercial airing in Singapore…

Jonas’s “Mini-Hawk” (Quasi-Mohawk) is courtesy of Yours Truly! 


Nov 09

Do You have a Millionaire Mind?


This past weekend, I went to go check out T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar here in Singapore.  This truly “intensive” seminar went on from 9 AM to 11 PM on Friday and Saturday and then from 9 AM to 7 PM on Sunday.  Quite honestly, I normally don’t have too much of an inkling to endure these motivational presentations.  However, I was actually very motivated this time because a friend of mine really urged me to read Eker’s book Secrets of a Millionaire Mind just a few weeks before.  Coincidentally, this regional seminar just happened to be this weekend so I figured it was a date with destiny.

When I arrived at the Singapore Expo on Friday morning, I was literally blown away by the number of people that were also attending…



All I can say is “Wow.”  People arrived from around the region.  In fact, there were even audio kits available for people who flew in from Taiwan, Vietnam, and other countries.  Once most of the people were inside the expo, it was time for Harv to take the stage…


I was really impressed with how simple the entire setup was.  Other than thousands of chairs neatly assembled for the attendees, the main “prop” was simply Harv and his fellow speakers on stage with some balloons and white poster paper.  The various speeches and exercises go more in-depth into the topics and issues from his bestselling book, and all the presenters did a great job motivating the crowd and getting them pumped up with positive vibes…


Although I must confess I didn’t really make it through the entire session on any of the days, I did have a good time hearing everything from the “horse’s mouth.”  The seminar along with the book really does get one thinking about what he or she can do to work towards managing money more effectively.  In the end, it’s all about “unlearning” what you were taught and working on generating more “passive income” so you can ultimately be “financially free” one day.

Thanks Harv for an enjoyable and enlightening weekend, and I definitely don’t mind that “I have a Millionaire Mind!” 


Nov 09

Knowing is Half the Battle


Remember the line “Knowing is Half the Battle” from the old cartoon series G.I. Joe?  Well, I think it applies to our health and well-being too.  Most people tend to wait for something to hurt somewhere on their body before they take the necessary measures to deal with the situation.  Actually, I am the exact same way.  However, Li Lin had recently gone to do this health exam called a Bioscan, and she couldn’t stop raving about how amazing and accurate the assessment was.  I’ve always been really skeptical of these medical contraptions that claim to give you a detailed analysis of your internal organs, especially if the test takes less than ten minutes and is absolutely painless.  In fact, no blood, urine, or anything from your body needs to be sent anywhere for analysis.  Everything is essentially immediate and completed right on the spot!

So last week I decided to make an appointment with Omnigreen Wellness at Novena Medical Center to try this Bioscan out for myself.  After watching a short informational video, I took off my shoes and stepped onto the machine with metal plates for my feet and hands.  Two more electrodes were attached to  my forehead so low currents of electricity can flow “freely” and precisely throughout my body to determine the overall wellness of my body.  In about seven minutes, the Bioscan was completed and it was time for Melissa, the Senior Wellness Consultant, to break the news.  Here’s one of my body scans…


Although I felt pretty good that day, the Bioscan was able to pick up on aspects of my health that I have overlooked.  Melissa was quick to point out in the analysis that I need to take better care of my liver…


…which is the organ that is yellow colored.  Additionally, my digestive system is also an area that I need to keep an eye on too.  In a nutshell, a “perfectly” healthy person would only have a flesh-colored body composition.  Anytime you start seeing colors like yellow, blue, or red (Uh Oh), then there’s something up (or down) that you may not be aware of.

After Melissa understood my diet and lifestyle more clearly, I realized that I should make more of an effort to cut back on the alcohol and sugar intake.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a huge Sweet Tooth, but I’ve never done anything about it.  After doing the Bioscan and understanding how excessive sugar in the diet overtaxes the organs, I will definitely try to scale back a bit.  Omnigreen also has an entire range of natural supplements to get the body back up to optimal wellness, and I decided to try the Liver Prime “Golden Clam” pills and Maca Prime for even more energy!

I guess this means I should also cut back on attending big gala events like Burberry’s new store launch at Ion Orchard where champagne, wine, and other alcoholic concoctions are literally “drink to your heart’s (or liver’s) content”…


Well, I don’t expect to go completely cold turkey today or tomorrow or the next day so I’ll just take it one day and one drink at a time.  Like I’ve said before…”The Pyramids weren’t Built in One Day.”

If you’re interested to learn more and are considering doing a Bioscan yourself, then cruise on over to the official website at:  http://www.omnigreenwellness.com Here’s the team including Melissa and founders Jenny and Andrew:


Now, I must warn you this scan isn’t cheap, but then again, what is your health worth to you, especially if you can be equipped with the knowledge to take care of yourself and prevent anything worse from happening?

“Knowing IS Half the Battle!”  What you do from Here…Is all up to you.

Be Well!!


Nov 09

International Emmy Award Nomination for TARA


Congratulations to The Amazing Race Asia‘s nomination at the prestigious International Emmy Awards.  Here’s the website to all the nominess:  International Emmy Nominess Don’t forget to check out the trailer to conjure up those good ole feelings again!

On November 23, 2009, at the New York Hilton Hotel, we’ll see if the amazing production team for TARA can bag some more hardware for all their effort!

In the meantime, I’ll be working with new “looks” as we prepare for a fourth season next year….


Maybe not, huh?  Even Jonas sitting in the back doesn’t seem to jazzed about this one so it’s time to slay the dragon and move on! 



Nov 09

Grand Promenade TVC

I found this TV commercial I did for a real estate development back in Hong Kong…

Wow.  The internet really makes it easy for stuff to stay in circulation, huh?topodin