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Oct 09

Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet Launch


This past Thursday saw me back in the “driver’s seat” to host the launch of the new line of cabriolets (aka ~ convertibles) from Audi.  I arrived at the venue just before sunset after some heavy rainfall earlier in the day.  In fact, Audi Singapore was really stressed out because this event was being held outdoors as opposed to the standard indoor “showroom” style.  Fortunately, Mother Nature was good-natured and cleared up the sky for us this evening.

Unique to conventional car launches, Audi decided to use a helicopter this time to literally “blow away” the cover off the newest S5 Cabriolet, and I had to quickly jump into my custom-designed air traffic controller jumpsuit to direct the helicopter.  Here’s the link to some of the action…

Originally, Audi was hoping that I might be able to repel (or abseil) down the helicopter to make a more compelling entrance.  However, the Singapore Aviation Committee would not permit any objects getting on or “falling out” while airborne so that idea was sadly axed.  However, I still had a fun time learning the hand signals with my light sticks to have the helicopter unveil the car.



Thanks again for a memorable evening, Audi…and can you guess what I’m thinking of wearing for Halloween?! 



Oct 09

NuffNang Blog Awards


Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of hosting the first ever NuffNang Blog Awards at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore.  In case you didn’t know, NuffNang is the first and leading online blog advertisement community in Asia Pacific with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Australia.  Started in 2006 by Cheo Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah, the company has worked with prospective clients to advertise both video and graphic formats in over 100,000 blog sites.  Here’s a casual pic of Ming and me before we got the night started…


With over four hundred bloggers, sponsors, and guests in attendance, the event marked a historic event for NuffNang as Asia Pacific’s first regional blog awards.  At about 8 PM, I got on stage and kicked off the night’s awards show…



With twelve Blog Awards to be given out that night, the guests were all heavily anticipating whether they were one of the 52 finalists from over 10,000 nominations.  In case you’re curious as to what some of these winning bloggers look like, here’s some shots of the winners starting with Best Blog Shop…


Best Food Blog…


Best Fashion Blog…


Best Geek Blog…


Best Celebrity Blog by Joanne Peh…


…and the winner of three NuffNang Blog Awards this evening, Xia Xue…


Once all the awards were announced, it was time to get all the winners and finalists on stage for one more Canon photo moment…


All in all, the event was a huge success and a testament to the rapidly-expanding blogosphere.  In fact, it was Ming Shen who inspired and convinced me to get a URL and start a blog myself.  Well, I got the URL for my name for several years before I canceled my subscription thinking I’d never blog.  Of course, right when I finally do decide to blog, the URL for my name is already set up as one of my fan sites so there’s a lesson learned.  Funny.  Maybe I’ll get in contact with the person one of these days to see whether he or she will let me have my “name” back?

Til then, thanks again for stopping by my wulander blog and this is where I sign off…for now!



Oct 09

Windows 7 has arrived…Worldwide


Just a few hours ago, I attended for the official launch event of Microsoft’s Windows 7 here in Singapore.  The presentation was divided into four different scenarios, and I was invited to talk about how Windows 7 allows its user to stay connected no matter where he or she is.  From remote media hosting to a home network or 3G phone “tethering,” I know I can always be connected with the rest of the world.


During the course of the event, I basically did the same presentation four times to press and media from all around the Asia Pacific region.  Everyone seemed really excited about Microsoft’s latest product, and I can certainly understand why when the General Manager mentioned that over ONE BILLION people use Microsoft.  Wow.


Thanks again to Microsoft and Acer for making operating systems even more fun and easy to use!  It’s time for me now see what else Windows 7 can do before I hit the script for the Nuff Nang Blog Awards tomorrow night!

seo оптимизацию

Oct 09

Hoops with the Singapore Slingers


This past weekend, I took the family and some friends to the Singapore Slingers basketball game against the Philippines on Sunday.  It was my first Slingers game, and it was actually a lot of fun for people of all ages.  Sage and Jonas even managed to stay somewhat interested for almost the entire duration of the match.


Thanks to Irene Ang and Fly Entertainment, we managed to get a VIP Booth right up in front where the action was along with Jimmy T, Telly Liu, and their respective ladies…


There was even a local celebrity taking some action shots with her professional SLR…


The girl with the white top turned out to be the actress with the “White” last name, Joanne Peh…


A few of us were even invited to “hug it out” in the halftimes festivities including Irene, Joanne, Bobby, and me…



Thanks again for a great time, Singapore Slingers!  I’m sure I’ll be back…the kids are a different story! 



Oct 09

“Megahard” for Microsoft Windows 7


So I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Microsoft will be unveiling its latest and greatest operating system, Windows 7, this Thursday, October 22, worldwide.  I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about this new OS, and I have been fortunate enough to try it out before the actual release date…


Having used Windows Vista for a period before backtracking to Windows XP, this newest Windows 7 will certainly have computer users saying once and for all, “Hasta La VISTA, Baby!”  Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Windows 7, but it really is ridiculously better than its predecessor.  I couldn’t believe how much faster it runs, and I’ve even got the logo in my slideshow for the desktop background…


Windows 7 is definitely designed for “ease of use” for everyone, especially the individuals who like to share various media such as photos and videos over the internet.  I really enjoy the special preview window at the bottom task bar for each of the browser windows I have opened up.  Supposedly, the average computer user has FIFTEEN windows open at one single time.  Wow.  I thought I was really pushing the limit with seven or eight windows.  Maybe I’m not as good of a multi-tasker as I think I am.

Anyways, the date is set so watch out for the worldwide launch of Windows 7 in a few days!  Time for me to get back to work on my newest “Megahard” OS!


…and thanks again to Microsoft and Acer for giving me a “taste” of Windows 7 before it’s officially “opened!” 

продвижение сайта

Oct 09

Hermes I S.I.L.K. You Photoshoot

A few months back in LA, photographer Dominic Khoo asked me if I might be interested in doing a photoshoot for Hermes’ new charity campaign entitled “I S.I.L.K. You.”  After a moment of  “heightened” thinking…


…I thought it’d be fun, especially since I get to wear whatever I want AND pretty much do whatever I want too.  The only “catch” was that I had to don one of Hermes’ scarves for the shoot, which was definitely no problem at all.  So once I returned to Singapore, we figured out a date and time to do this shoot.  I arrived with my Nike jacket and G-Star Raw cargo pants and without any hair or makeup done, we started with the standard “stationary” shots…




With all the “formalities” completed, I consulted with Dominic and Hermes to see whether we could work from a higher, more “kick ass” vantage point?


A lot of people comment on my aerial shots and don’t know what the Heck I’m doing, but I think  action shots are a lot more interesting and dynamic than just literally standing around.  Working in a confined space of approximately five feet by four feet, I even got a good workout attempting to look like I’m “running” on air…


I’ve always believed that with quantity, comes quality…and here are several of my favorite shots…




Again, thanks to Dominic Khoo for these great shots.  If you’d like to see more of his work, surf on over to his website at:  http://www.whatisthesight.com/

Hermes is organizing a postcard exhibition for this new campaign sometime later in October so look out for it on Orchard Road in Singapore.  I hear there were quite a large number of people contributing too!

Finally, Hermes and Dominic Khoo decided on a picture for me that was not shown here.  I wonder if it was a “terrestrial” or “aerial” image?

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Oct 09

The Devil Eats Prata


Over the past four days, I’ve been working each night with my management company Fly Entertainment in Singapore on celebrating its tenth year in the entertainment industry.  This year was quite a historic number so the founder and CEO, Irene Ang, really wanted to “Go Big” with an interactive dinner theater event cleverly entitled “The Devil Eats Prata.”


With Nadya and me holding court with the “Red Carpet” interviews, various Fly Entertainment artists worked many days and nights on portraying various characters throughout the evening and “interacting” with the dinner guests.  Here’s Adele Wong as “Ever Laughing” cuz she NEVER laughs…


Amy Cheng is the Founder and CEO of the fictitious P.R.A.T.A. talent agency…


Now we’ve got Crispian and Bernie Chan from TARA3 as the “sponsors” of this dinner event, Mr. Koh and Ms. Fanny Tay…


And here’s the American boys representing for the night, Bobby Tonelli and Jimmy Taenaka…


Of course, no gala dinner would be complete without some stunning evening gowns and celebrity models to don them…


Wong Li Lin, Rebecca Tan, Pameyln Chee, Stephanie Carrington, and Bobby as “Brod Hard Bod”…


At the time of this blog entry, we completed three out of the four evening shows.  After the last one, we’ll all plan to rock on with an after party, and I’ll try to remember to snap some shots so you can see what all goes down!  And hopefully…Not me!#@%$


Oct 09

Thanks again, Taylor’s University!


This weekend, I had the pleasure of making another trip to Kuala Lumpar to meet with the students of Taylor’s University College at Media Carnival 2009.  As the Brand Ambassador for their School of Communications, I have really enjoyed meeting and speaking to the students about my career experience and how university education has played a pivotal role. The morning’s festivities started with some ribbon cutting to officially kick of the day’s event…



After that, a few of us took turns to give our speeches.  My topic this time centered around the “Versatility of a Media Host.”



Once the formalities were all completed, it was time to take some photos with the students…


Afterward, I even had the unique opportunity of taking a “sneak peek” at Taylor’s new campus on the lakeside…



Wow!  This new campus is coming together really well.  Maybe if my “day job” doesn’t fulfill me anymore, I should consider going back to school and seeing how education differs now from when I was back at CAL? 


Oct 09

Singtel MIO TV Commercial


Earlier this week, I mentioned in Twitter that I did a TVC (television commercial) for Singtel MIO TV.  Both Li Lin and I have done our fair share of TVCs, but this one was definitely a little more special cuz it was the first time we did one with the entire family.  In the past, we would’ve opted to use some “other” kids to act as our children.  Recently, Sage and Jonas have expressed more of a curiosity into the wacky world of television so we decided to throw them in the mix too.  When I returned from the States, one of the first things I did was give Jonas a Mini Mohawk cuz I know he’ll pull it off better than I ever could!

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of working with children and animals, but it was truly a different experience working with your own “flesh and blood.”  Once the cameras and lighting were all set…


…then it’s time to get these little people in “character” to be happy and cheerful, which can be no small feat.


Fortunately, these little people weren’t being too “Diva-like” this day so that made for a smooth shoot.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that the director was kind enough to focus on shooting all the entire family shots first.  Once that was done, it was time to get down to business…


…or monkey business!


There was even a scene in the storyboard where I had to cook…


As much as I like to eat, anyone WU knows me knows that cooking is not one of my many (or few) talents so fortunately my better half can seriously cook with the best of them!


So that’s a sneak peak of our upcoming TVC.  Thanks again to the Singtel team who really made our day when they showed up with customized T-shirts poking fun about us from Loopz to Detective Elaine Tay to The Amazing Race Asia!


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