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Sep 09

More IS More at Morton’s


Last night, I had the immense pleasure of “working” at Morton’s Steakhouse for a Cuisine & Wine Asia photoshoot and interview.  Now, there are all kinds of steaks out there.  But if you really are in the mood for the best steak in town, then you know you won’t go wrong at Morton’s. The restaurant is located at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore and has been around for about a decade.  Morton’s has upheld its reputation for serving the highest quality USDA beef you can find anywhere.  Anyone who’s ever been to a Morton’s knows exactly what I’m talking about.  In fact, when the General Manager/Maitre’D Zyron asked if I might be interested in being featured at Morton’s, my mouth literally started watering.  Also along for the tasty culinary experience were Li Lin, Amy Cheng, and Adele Wong…


This evening, we all partook in the $95 SGD steak and seafood special, which starts with a healthy American-sized portion of salad.  I picked the Caesar salad…


Okay, after I took this picture of my salad, I soon realized that my talents do not lie in photographing food so hence I opted for more “dynamic” shots like the first picture at the beginning of this blog.  Once we finished our salads and some of the monstrous freshly baked onion bread, it was time to work on a steak and seafood of our choice which included scallops, shrimp, or crab cakes.  Quite frankly, I was gonna give another “go” at shooting some of this perfectly-prepared main course, but I found the expressions from my partners-in-crime for the night more telling…



Please don’t be misled to think that these are the faces of guests who have not been sufficiently satisfied–these are the faces of overly-satisfied customers who are bummed they can’t stuff any more of the meal into their tummies.  Fortunately for me, I was able to polish everything off.  Of course, I was hurtin for certain afterwards too…but it sure was worth it!


Thanks again to Zyron and his world-class staff for yet another amazing culinary experience at Morton’s and for “steak-ing” its claim as THE Standard for all Steaks! 


Sep 09

Formula One Friday


Formula One has arrived in Singapore for a second year.  Quite frankly, I have never been a big fan of car racing, but there were more than enough events to keep anyone in town entertained and excited about the weekend.  On Friday, I first checked out the new BMW campaign “Joy In, Joy Out” at Cosmo, The Bistro in Wisma Atria.  We all had to scribble down a message about what joy means to us…


It’s always fun to check out these media events although this event was outdoors and stifling hot.  I don’t think my body has gotten used to this tropical weather again…or will it ever!  Also in attendance were Amy Cheng, Bobby Tonelli, and Irene Ang…


Soon after this gig, I bolted over to F1 Rocks at Fort Canning Park.  Dom from Channel V was also on hand to work some interviews with the acts that night…


I’ve been hearing that even though the outdoor concert was another “sweater,” the stage was pretty awesome…and it was.  Here’s a couple shots from ZZ Top’s performance…


Mad props to these performers cuz they’ve been doing their thang since I was a kid myself.  ZZ Top had white beards back then, and they’ve still kept that “signature look” now.  I guess once you’re known for something that people identify you with, then you can definitely consider “milking” it for a long time!  Use It or Lose It…But Please Don’t Abuse It!!


After N.E.R.D., Simple Minds, and ZZ Top performed, I was all pysched to see No Doubt hit the stage.  However, John Langan told me that he had this hot chick that I should meet so I made a quick wardrobe change and then rolled over to the Elegantly Wasted event at The Rabbit Hole.  I was wondering whether this mystery lady was worth missing No Doubt…


…I think so.  And You? 


Sep 09

Back in the Singapore Sling of things…

Last night, I got right back into the mix of things here in Singapore.  E! Entertainment Channel and Sony Television announced a collaboration between the two media companies over at Prime Society on Dempsey Hill.  Even though I was a little jet lagged, I had a great time catching up with friends including, Max, his girlfriend Chaya, and Jaymee Ong…


I was hoping to pop off some more pictures, but I got too caught up talking that I had to race off to the next event before I could warm up my camera to meet this dude…


Quite frankly, I have never been a huge fan of Formula One F1, but it was still cool to see what Lewis Hamilton was all about.  Someone told me he’s “really short,” but he was actually a lot taller than I imagined.  Guess it helps to be small and compact in the F1 car.  Li Lin was present to host the festivities…


Also in attendance were Jade Seah and Tay Ping Hui…


Once that was all done, I was planning on heading to the Red Bull party at Sentosa.  Unfortunately, I ran outta gas already so looks I can stock up some “party credits” for this Formula One weekend! 

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Sep 09

Gotta Get You out to Asia!


During this trip to LA, I became good friends with Archie Kao, a Chinese American actor well known for his role as “Archie Johnson” on C.S.I.  Since I’m heading off to Singapore myself soon, I figured it was a good time to catch up and see if he’d be interested in paying a visit.

Archie was doing an audition in Hollywood so I decided we go to this great Korean Bar-B-Q restaurant called Chung Kiwa Restaurant on Olympic Blvd for lunch.  My old college buddy and Korean American actor Will Yun Lee actually introduced me to this tasty venue years ago.  Here’s a old pic of Will and me kickin it outside the parking lot of a Costco…

08-25-2009 01;46;04PM

I’ve recently discovered that LA traffic isn’t so bad when you’re rolling on only “two wheels” so I rode out on the Honda VFR Interceptor…


Archie and I ate and talked about the entertainment industry here in LA and out in Asia.  There are a lot of similarities, but there are definitely a lot more differences too.  He just listened and played with his phone as I rambled on with my mouth full of Bulgogi…


When I was all set to take a picture of the food we ate similar to what all those food bloggers do, I realized I was a little too late–all the grub was already stuffed into our stomachs…


Oh well…I’ll work on getting the food to your eyes before my mouth next time! 

And it looks like I’ve “sold” the idea to Archie on making a trip to Singapore so I’ll let you know when he finally does get his butt out there!

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Sep 09

Enough Horsing Around…


I’ve had a most “educational” and entertaining experience here in LA over the past month or so.  And soon it’s time to get back to Asia and get some work done there.  But before I do, I’d like to share a few more pictures that our generous photographer Lesley Pedraza gave me from our shoot the other week.  Like I’ve said…anytime you’re working with children and animals, it’s suddenly no small feat…


…fortunately, our black stallion Shadow was very well-behaved.  Of course, I think the sedatives he was administered just before the shoot didn’t hurt either! 


Better Safe than Getting Your Ass literally kicked by a Horse! 

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Sep 09

Hosting Reel

Now, here’s a Hosting Reel that I sliced and diced up a short while back…

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Sep 09

Open Up and say “Argh!”

As I look through my photograph collection from the 35mm era, I know I’m bound to find a couple that will definitely leave me wondering, “What the Heck was I thinking?”…

08-25-2009 02;23;17PM

…but then again, it’s always nice to have more “normal” pictures like this one with Harry Hui and Wong Lee Hom…

08-25-2009 01;52;21PM

…and let’s not forget the most talented singer of The Heavenly Kings, Jackie Cheung!  😉

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Sep 09

Before i-Phone…There was the “e-Phone”

Long before the i-Phone started poppin up everywhere, Taiwan already had the e-Phone, and the TVC was really kinda whacky…

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Sep 09

Need a Weekend of Wellness?

So I’ve been talking about and using this new exercise band called Loopz recently, and now there’s a special Total Wellness Weekend featuring the band and its creator, Wong Li LIn, in addition to many other health-related activities.

It’s always a great time to get in shape (and get away) from the city life for an educational and enjoyable island holiday.

If you’d like some more information about Loopz, then surf on over to the official website at:


…I wonder where the “wu” in “wureka” came from?

On 2 October (Friday), embark on the path to wellness in the lush surroundings of Bintan Lagoon Resort set against a backdrop of sparkling blue waters of the South China Sea.

The 3-day-2-night weekend (2-4 October) will focus on a two pronged approach to overall health of the individual inside out with classes on LoopzTM Body Conditioning exercises conducted by its creator Wong Li Lin, a well-known artiste in Singapore as well as classes on nutritional health by qualified dieticians accompanied with tailored nutritious meals over the weekend.

Total Wellness Weekend Package at S$488nett (twin-share ) & S$618nett (single)

  • 2-night stay in a superior room
  • All meals planned by dieticians
  • Round trip ferry transfer
  • One LoopzTM exercise band
  • Classes on LoopzTM Body Conditioning exercise conducted by creator Wong Li Lin
  • Interactive nutrition classes


Day 1 (2nd Oct, Fri)
1pm Check-in at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
2.30pm Arrive at Bintan Lagoon Resort
4pm LoopzTM Body Conditioning Class
6.30pm Healthy Barbecue Dinner
Day 2 (3rd Oct, Sat)
8am Rejuvenation Workout (Optional)
8.30am Breakfast
10am Pre, During and Post Exercise Nutrition & Hydration
12.30pm Lunch
2.30pm LoopzTM Body Conditioning Class
4pm Free & Easy
6pm Cooking Fiesta & Healthy Shopping Bag Class
Day 3 (4th Oct, Sun)
8am Rejuvenation Workout (Optional)
8.30am Breakfast
10.30am Check-out, accompanied with Nutritious Lunch Box Takeaway & Gift of Recipe Slip Cards
11.35am Depart Bintan (Arrival in Singapore approx. 1.45pm Singapore time)

If you’re interested, then you can go to the official site and book at:

For enquiries & booking, please call:
Tel : +65 6750 2280 (Singapore)
Email : rae@3degrees.com.sgраскрутка сайта

Sep 09

Old Showreel

Here is one of the first showreels that I edited myself…