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Aug 09

The now extinct Siemens mobile phone

I had a good laugh when I found this TVC for the “now extinct Siemens mobile phone” that we shot in Sydney, Australia, right before the 2000 Olympic Games held there…

The phone brand is gone…but the fun experience remains!!  :-)сайт

Aug 09

The Shaolin Days

I am having a great time digging up some old pictures from yesteryear.  Just the other day I found a few pictures of my experience at the original Shaolin Temple in Mount Song, Zheng Zhou, China…

On the steps of one of the Shaolin Temples

I had a blast spending over a month there doing some intensive martial arts training with my homie Andy On, who later took over the role of The Black Mask from Jet Li in the sequel.  Here we are with our Wu Shu coach, Kali…

08-25-2009 01;55;01PM

We were both blown away with how many young children were attending the various Wu Shu academies in Shaolin.  From the crack of dawn until sunset, the children would be disciplined in the pugilistic art of traditional martial arts…

08-25-2009 01;55;37PM

For many of them, this would be their only “option” in life since their family was so poor that they could not afford to take care of them anymore.  All these children could hope for one day would be to aspire to be the next Jet Li with their comprehesively-honed skills in mortal combat…

08-25-2009 01;56;12PM

I really felt for them and the difficult life that they were presented before them.  To this day,  I still reminisce to that amazing experience and how happy and cheerful each of the young students were despite how challenging and demanding their lives may have been.

Memories like these really put our own lives back in perspective.продвижение

Aug 09

Blast to the Past

Everytime I get a chance to spend some time back in LA, it’s definitely a walk down memory lane.  This time, I even started rummaging through my old photo albums, which contains pictures from way before the digital camera revolution.  I’ve just started to scan some of the photos into my computer so I’ll just share a few here…

…And of course I gotta start with two of my closest HK homies who are also two of the “Godfathers” of Alive Not Dead, Daniel Wu and Terence Yin!  😉

08-25-2009 01;51;27PM

And wait a minute…is that Jerry Yen from F4?

08-25-2009 01;50;43PM

Hah!  Ya betcha!!  It’s great to still have these old pics to see how we all started.

I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll plan to put some more up soon!  :-)


Aug 09

TARA3 Promo Part II

Here’s the second part of the same promotional piece.  😉продвижение

Aug 09

TARA3 Promo Part I

I had a lot of fun doing this promotional shoot for Season Three.

I wonder if it really was that “tough” to shoot it?  :-)topodin

Aug 09

Meeting the Creators of The Amazing Race

Welcome again to my new website. I’m still tinkering around with it and trying to get the proper video plug-in to play videos here, but I figure I’ll start blogging first.

Well, it’s already been a couple weeks here in LA, and I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of various people from the entertainment and media industry. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy T’s acting coach, Sal Romeo…


He’s also the teacher for other famous Asian American actors including Jason Scott Lee, Sung Kang, and Dustin Nguyen. I am sure I can definitely learn a thing or two (hundred) from him!

Also, I finally had the unique opportunity to visit the “neurocenter” for The Amazing Race and meet the creators of this six-time Emmy Award winning production, Bertram and Elise van Munster…


These two are masters in the realm of reality television production, and I wouldn’t be racing around the world if it weren’t for them and this “Amazing” concept. I even managed to check out a few of their Emmy’s hanging out on a side table for added motivation! 😉



Aug 09

Welcome to My New Site!


Hellow Everyone and Welcome to My New Official Site!

I hope you’re all doing well and thank you for stopping here.  It’s been a while in the making, and I’d like to thank Ming, Lionel, and the Nuff Nang team for making this all possible.  In the near future, I’ll be putting up the latest information and blogs about what’s going on with me, and you’ll have an exclusive chance to see sides of me that I haven’t revealed yet, which might not be that great of an idea. ;-P

Additionally, I hope to use this site to help out other artists from actors to hosts to models as a platform to engage and interact with me and one another to gain valuable insight and information as to how to progress in their respective careers.  The world of entertainment and media is difficult and treacherous and filled with many decisions and pitfalls so I’d like to do whatever I can to make that path easier for anyone who needs a little guidance.

And for the people visiting who don’t really have a keen interest into wanting to joining the entertainment field, then just continue to come back and enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to lately.

Thanks for all your support!  And I hope to see you again soon!  In the meantime, you can follow what I’m up to at Twitter:   http://twitter.com/wulander

Allan Wu

P.S.~In case you’re wondering whether this is really “me” or not.  Well, it is.  If you know me, I’ve never been a “big fan” of having someone else manage my website so this is the Real Deal!  See you again soon!deeo.ru